Paying People Less than the Market Rate

It’s not a problem for a ministry or church to pay people less than market rates who want to work for them. It’s not a sin. As long as three conditions are in place: 1. The person realizes that is the case before he enters the situation. You must be upfront with people. You cannotContinue reading “Paying People Less than the Market Rate”

Pastors and Elders IV: The Requirements for an Elder (part 1)

Although good churches should be built on the grace of God, the moment you step into church leadership there are expectations of character. ¬†Otherwise the church will implode. ¬†For the next few weeks, we will examine the qualifications for eldership as outlined by the apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 3. Now remember – only JesusContinue reading “Pastors and Elders IV: The Requirements for an Elder (part 1)”