5 Ways to Advertise Your Church

5. Local newspaper – take out an ad.  Best to do this for a particular service and not Sundays in general.  People will see an advert for church and intend to go one day.  Invite people for a special service and they will make the effort to come.

4. Radio News Boards.  Both Premier Radio and UCB Radio have free notice boards online.  You just tell them about a special event and put it in the boards.  Costs nothing, and people do read them!

3. A leaflet drop.  10000 leaflets costs a couple of hundred pounds and distributing them about the same.  Don’t skimp on design!  Again as per the local newspaper advert, advertise for a specific event.  We have found that in most places 1000 leaflets will bring 1 person to a service.

2. Facebook.  Facebook adverts are amazing.  You can target whatever people you want.  You can spend as much or as little as you want.  There is a power in social media that every church must tap into.

1. Word of Mouth.  There is no power like word of mouth power.  You can do this organically – just keep preaching the Word and loving people and they will eventually tell people about church.  You can also push it a bit by giving your church leaflets to the next big event and doing some teaching on why it is important to invite people.  There’s loads of ways to mobilize your church to becoming the best advert ever – you know your people, you know what will work.  Ask God for wisdom in this. There is nothing as powerful as this.  I still believe to use as many forms of advertising as possible, but never ever neglect this one – it’s the key!

Pastors and Elders VIII: The Requirements for an Elder (part V)

We continue our study on the requirements of eldership with the phrase “of good behaviour”.  Elders should have good behaviour!

The Greek word translated good behaviour is kosmios, which means well ordered.  An elder should have a well ordered life.  I’m not talking about a showroom house, but if you are opening your house to people you are ministering to and loving, it should look tidy.  You should be on time for meetings – that’s a really good part of being well ordered.  Someone who is always late is not living a well ordered life.  You should have systems in your life for paying your bills, getting things done.  Your life should be orderly not chaotic.

One of the biggest lies that the charismatic church has fallen for hook, line and sinker is that spirituality and spiritual maturity has nothing to do with reliability.  The more flaky someone is, the more mature we think they are.  We defend these people with comments such as “well, you never know what God is going to do”, “don’t try and understand the intercessor”, “these people are so deep”.

No – spiritual maturity is grounded in reliability.  There are too many shooting stars in the body of Christ – you watch the fireworks, you watch the display and then you watch them crash into the ground.  We need the plodders!  Listen to me pastor – promote the plodders.  Those who seem to shoot up will be those who crash down.  We need the people who are kind to their children, the people who are romantic to their wife, the people who turn up on time week after week, who pick things up after themselves, whose financial affairs are in order, who are life long learners, who are stable and solid.

Spiritual maturity is NOT like sand.  It’s not moving all over the place.  It’s like a ROCK – it’s stable.  It’s well-ordered.  And a well-ordered person has a well-ordered life.

Elders should have good behaviour.  Selah!

Alfred the Butler – a picture of a good pastor?


One of the mistakes that people in your church will make is that because they know that you are their servant, they will assume that they are your master.

I’ve had people tell me what songs to sing on Sunday, what sermons to preach, how to preach, how to run the services, how to advertise certain things.  Now I am not above getting some advice, but I’m talking about people who seem to think that they are your master.

Jesus told us to go and serve the church, He gifted us as pastors to serve the church.  But you can never allow the church to become your master.

That truth seems difficult for people to grasp, so let me use an analogy.  Remember Batman?  Whether we are talking about the comic books, the 1960s TV series, the Tim Burton films or the new Christopher Nolan films, Bruce Wayne always has his loyal butler Alfred.

Now if you went to Wayne Manor to visit, Alfred would be your servant.  He would be there to meet your needs, help make you comfortable for the visit, and feed you.  He would be your servant.

But you are not his master.  Master Bruce is his Master.  If your requests contradict Master Bruce’s requests, if your requests would endanger the Wayne family or the Wayne house – then Alfred would (very politely – he is English) decline your request.

He would still be your servant.  He would still care for you and feed you.  But he would not ever take your orders when they contradict Master Bruce’s.

Pastors, you are the servants.  You go out there and feed the people.  You go out there and love the people.  Help them get comfortable on planet Earth.  Love, care, feed, pastor, make disciples, persuade, encourage, inspire, challenge.  Be their servant.

But never let them dictate where you go and what you do.  Master Jesus is your master and you have no other.  Don’t let your church be congregation led or deacon-possessed.  Don’t let fear of the people lead you.  Honour your Master in heaven above all earth!

Pastors and Elders VII: The Requirements for an Elder (part IV)

We have been taking a bit of time to look at the requirements for eldership; in Biblically based churches elders are appointed by pastors, and pastors should not appoint them quickly but rather look at their lifestyle and make an accurate and wise decision. The list of requirements for an elder is listed in 1 Tim 3, and we are looking at each requirement in turn.

The next word in the requirements that we are looking at is sober.  In the Greek dictionary, this word is translated:

  1. of a sound mind, sane, in one’s senses

  2. curbing one’s desires and impulses, self-controlled, temperate

You should be very careful as a pastor (and let me say again – because it always needs repeating – that pastors appoint elders, elders do not appoint pastors!) when appointing elders that they are sane – that they have a sound mind.  The last thing you need is elder’s meeting after elder’s meeting with drama after drama because one of your elders is easily letting their mind run away with them.

When a person in a church falls, it hurts the church.  When an elder falls, it seriously injures the church.  When a pastor falls, it kills the church.  Before promoting someone to elder, you have to be sure they have a sound mind – that they are sober in thinking.  This means you have to take your time before appointing someone and either know them directly or have someone you trust know them.

A person in sound mind is not easily offended, is not deceitful, is not rude.  They are full of grace and truth!  When someone in their living church does something rude or unmannerly, they show grace.  When someone does’t turn up, they don’t think about all the things they could have been doing wrong or where they might be.  They are in control of their imagination.

Here are four signs that someone is not sober-minded and not a good candidate for eldership:

  • They take correction either too lightly or too personally.  A person who loves God and loves the church will welcome correction as they want to do a job as good as possible.  If you want to see someone’s heart, correct them over a small issue.  You will soon find out if they are grace-centered or self-centered!
  • They make crude jokes.  The reason their jokes are in the gutter is because their mind is in the gutter.  The Bible says coarse jokes should not be among us.
  • They are easily offended.  Man alive – you will always have the thin-skinned among you (to paraphrase among you), but don’t appoint them to eldership as they will be offended up to the pastor and offended down about others and run everyone down!  You say one thing about their pet sin and BOOM!  That’s just proof they cannot be leaders.
  • They value their culture or traditions above God’s Word.  One of the signs of a drunk mind is that it holds on tightly onto culture and background, even when it totally contradicts God’s Word.  A sober mind wants to build only on the Word of God!

You see spiritual maturity is not about how long someone prays or how long they prophesy, or how expensive their suits are – it’s about how we deal with people and help people.