5 Things I Learned Planning and Running Heal the Nations (our annual conference)

5. Delegate more and more and more.  The people love to serve and will constantly surprise you by the input they will put in to a conference if they can see that their work is actually making a difference in people’s lives.  Not only that it means you can focus on receiving the Word from the guest speakers and ensuring your message impacts as many people as possible as deeply as possible.  Of course, this comes from a church culture of delegation, service and raising leaders.

4. Invest in the worship as much as the preaching.  It makes such a difference to the preachers and those being preached too.

3. Integrate the conference into the life of the church.  We preached on preparing for conference the week before and then last Sunday I preached on how to keep the conference high for the rest of your life.  The conference is called HEAL THE NATIONS, which is from a Scripture “the leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the nations”.  That is why we are doing it – to reach as far as we can to dream big and impact nations.  The speakers are speakers who have all spoken at the local church (with one exception but that was just time constraints).  It is a bigger deal than Sunday morning but it has the same DNA.  A mistake I made this year that I can see clearly now is that we did not consistently have declarations every service.  Tree of Life Church make declarations every service – that’s part of our culture and DNA.  So next year, expect Heal the Nations declarations every single service!

2. Enjoy yourself.  It’s a hectic pace and things will go wrong and things will surprise you.  Just keep smiling – keep at peace.  Remember the big picture!

1. Remember WHY you are doing it.  It’s to equip the saints to do the works of ministry.  Invite people who will do that.  Will Graham said something important – good works require longevity.  I got into a bit of a mess trying to get all different speakers for all sorts of reasons, then I just pulled back and simply invited the speakers that over the many years have consistently impacted my life for the better.  They all came, and they all helped and equipped people.


Pastors and Elders V: The Requirements for an Elder (part 2)

In part one of the Requirements for an Elder we discussed that an elder must be above reproach and briefly examined what that meant.  Today, I want to look at the second Biblical qualification for eldership – that an elder be the “husband of one wife” (1 Tim. 3.2).

Now let me preface this article by saying that I do not believe that this statement precludes female elders.  I often use “he” as a shorthand for “he/she” and it seems obvious Paul is doing the same here.  I don’t have time to deal with the entire women in ministry debate, but in Titus 2.3 when Paul asks the older women to teach the younger, he actually is using the word elder in the feminine form: the female elders should be teaching younger women.  So there are female elders in the church and Paul approves – that should solve that one!  So if you are a female elder, or aspire to be one, just reverse the genders and apply what is said to yourself as the wife of one husband!  Nor does this verse exclude single people from church leadership – just like 

The phrase “husband of one wife” in Greek literally means a “one woman man”.  This obviously means that bigamists and polygamists are not allowed to be elders in the church.  But what else does it mean?

It’s in the present tense, so past indiscretions are not being referenced here.  The man who is on his second or third marriage is not disqualified.  In fact a man who is on his second marriage is the husband of one wife – that’s why his ex-wife is called his ex and not his first wife still.  Now divorce is wrong, and also it cuts your soul to pieces and it would be difficult for a divorcee going through the divorce to be in church leadership, so you need to exercise wisdom but when someone has remarried with a healthy second (or third, or fourth, etc.) marriage then this verse is not applicable to them.  I am not brushing aside divorce lightly – it is a grievous thing that takes a lot of time and effort to recover from, and should never be considered lightly.  However, there is grace for divorcees, there is restoration, and part of that restoration involves open doors to leadership.

Your past cannot disqualify you from church leadership – but your present can!  The way to enter leadership if that is your heart to do so is to make your present your past by dealing with situations and moving on!

However, this qualification for church leadership is a lot broader in scope than just “married with one wife”… a lot of people think they have that therefore they are qualified for church leadership just because they have a marriage certificate.  But I think most people are aware that there is a lot more to being a one woman man than being married, and most people know at least one married man who is not a one woman man!

You see the role of an elder is not just a ceremonial title because someone reaches 55, so they can see in a council of elders and discuss the colour of the church carpet or pull the pastor apart week after week.  An elder is someone who is regularly making disciples and running a discipleship group in their house.  They are people who are looking after people – people who may be broken, lost, immature, going through grief and loss.  They can be vulnerable people.

If you have vulnerable people visiting your house regularly, you need to be a one woman man.

You can’t be flirting with people, giving people the wrong impression, fantasising about other people.  You need to be in a healthy marriage, one that is stable and secure, and women need to be able to trust that you see them as a whole entity, not just a body or someone to exploit.  

The New Covenant warns against coarse jesting and language that should be not be used! 

You must be someone who can treat others with respect and dignity and want their best, whether they are male or female, whether they are pretty or pretty ugly, whether they are in need or anything.  Another thing that could easily happen is that someone in the group of people you are discipling could develop a crush on you, or start to elevate you and honour you in a special way.  You need to be in a healthy marriage, not looking for a way out or else these things will end up problems.  You need to be a one-woman man!

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5 Quick Steps to Energise a Church Service!

Leader, you can do this in the middle of the worship, in the middle of the notices, as soon as the service starts or even in the midst of a dull sermon 😉  (I know, you never are in the middle of preaching and think man, if this is boring me what MUST it be doing to them – that’s only me)

5.  Give a word of knowledge.  Ask God for one, and be open with God – tell Him.  The surprise is that God wants to speak more than you do.  So ask for a word for healing, or for finances, or for anything – and watch God come through for you!

4. Call everyone in pain forward.  Lay hands on each of them and command the pain to leave.  Ask who has less pain to share a quick testimony.

3. Get everyone to pray in tongues for five minutes.  If people cannot pray in tongues, call them forward and believe God for them to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

2. Invite everyone in the church believing for a new job, a job, promotion or a payrise forward.  Lay hands on them and agree with them.

1. Give an altar call – it doesn’t have to wait until the end of the service.  Explain the gospel quickly and get everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes and invite anyone wanting to know Jesus to raise their hand.  Then prayer with everyone in the room and make sure the people who got saved get a bag of literature or you get their details so you can follow up!

Now you never need have an unenergized service again – say thanks Ben!