How to Dream Big 02: Deal with Regret

#futurethursday Everyone reading this blog has a past of some sort – all of us have done things we wish we hadn’t done. That’s called regret, and it will stop you dreaming big. It will distort your imagination and prevent you from seeing yourself the way you truly are – several shades of awesome! ButContinue reading “How to Dream Big 02: Deal with Regret”

Dealing With Worry 04: Deal with Idealism

#teachingtuesday There is a gap between what you are dreaming of and what is right in front of you. No matter who you are and what you are called to do. You can imagine it better. That’s why reality always lets us down. We have to learn to live with that, and not let ourContinue reading “Dealing With Worry 04: Deal with Idealism”

To Have Change You Must Believe For Change

Yes, #wednesdaywisdom on a Thursday because I have been a bit busy preparing for TV programmes, for the weekend, and for teaching at our Leadership Academy, and because I am flying to Bulgaria this morning to minister at a conference. But here is the wisdom:  To Have Change You Must Believe For Change Anything youContinue reading “To Have Change You Must Believe For Change”