5 Quick Steps to Energise a Church Service!

Leader, you can do this in the middle of the worship, in the middle of the notices, as soon as the service starts or even in the midst of a dull sermon ūüėČ ¬†(I know, you never are in the middle of preaching and think man, if this is boring me what MUST it be doing to them – that’s only me)

5.  Give a word of knowledge.  Ask God for one, and be open with God Рtell Him.  The surprise is that God wants to speak more than you do.  So ask for a word for healing, or for finances, or for anything Рand watch God come through for you!

4. Call everyone in pain forward.  Lay hands on each of them and command the pain to leave.  Ask who has less pain to share a quick testimony.

3. Get everyone to pray in tongues for five minutes.  If people cannot pray in tongues, call them forward and believe God for them to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

2. Invite everyone in the church believing for a new job, a job, promotion or a payrise forward.  Lay hands on them and agree with them.

1. Give an altar call – it doesn’t have to wait until the end of the service. ¬†Explain the gospel quickly and get everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes and invite anyone wanting to know Jesus to raise their hand. ¬†Then prayer with everyone in the room and make sure the people who got saved get a bag of literature or you get their details so you can follow up!

Now you never need have an unenergized service again – say thanks Ben!

Do Yourself a Favour!

It’s Easter Sunday tomorrow. ¬† That is the single most important day of your calendar as a pastor and leader.

People will come to church who have never been before or only been occasionally.

There are many things you could do to make this service great.  Advertise, encourage people to invite friends, plan a new series and start it this Sunday to draw people in to returning next week.

It’s probably too late to make major changes this late in the day, but if you are pastor or preaching tomorrow, let me tell you one thing you can do. ¬†One favour you can give yourself.

Make an appeal for salvation.

At the end of the service, clearly explain what Jesus did and how to become a Christian. ¬†Then boldly ask if anyone would like to make that step today. ¬†Then invite them forward. ¬†Then…

1.  Pray with them.  Lead them to Jesus

2. Record their details.  Name, address and phone and email as a minimum.  Then call them in the week.

3. Lead the church in a little rejoicing.  Let them know heaven rejoices.

What if no one responds?  My first answer to that is stop being so negative.  What if someone does?

My second answer is this: even if no-one responds … you are creating a culture where people expect altar calls and expect non-Christians to actually be in church. ¬†That can only help you build a growing, missional church.