5 Quick Steps to Energise a Church Service!

Leader, you can do this in the middle of the worship, in the middle of the notices, as soon as the service starts or even in the midst of a dull sermon ūüėČ ¬†(I know, you never are in the middle of preaching and think man, if this is boring me what MUST it be doing to them – that’s only me)

5.  Give a word of knowledge.  Ask God for one, and be open with God Рtell Him.  The surprise is that God wants to speak more than you do.  So ask for a word for healing, or for finances, or for anything Рand watch God come through for you!

4. Call everyone in pain forward.  Lay hands on each of them and command the pain to leave.  Ask who has less pain to share a quick testimony.

3. Get everyone to pray in tongues for five minutes.  If people cannot pray in tongues, call them forward and believe God for them to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

2. Invite everyone in the church believing for a new job, a job, promotion or a payrise forward.  Lay hands on them and agree with them.

1. Give an altar call – it doesn’t have to wait until the end of the service. ¬†Explain the gospel quickly and get everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes and invite anyone wanting to know Jesus to raise their hand. ¬†Then prayer with everyone in the room and make sure the people who got saved get a bag of literature or you get their details so you can follow up!

Now you never need have an unenergized service again – say thanks Ben!

Spirit Filled


It’s not enough for one man to be Spirit filled and flowing in the gifts.¬†
It’s not enough for there to be a man of God to come to and bring people to when emergencies and problems arise.

The fivefold ministry must return to its Biblical purpose and mandate and equip people to minister and serve supernaturally. We must be releasing people into the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We must be enabling people to walk into the callings and destinies that God has given them even from inside the womb. 

The world is never going to stand back and say “what an awesome man”, “what a glorious prophet”, “what an anointed apostle”. But if the awesome man, the glorious prophet and the anointed apostle do what God called them and designed them to do and equip and inspire and challenge the Christians to live in love and peace and life, and minister supernatural life and deliverance and healing everywhere they go, then the world will stand back and go “what an awesome church”, “what glorious Christians”, “what an anointed co-worker”… and then we will impact the world in such a way that Jesus will be able to return in our generation.

That is why one of our unmovable, unshakable pillars at Tree of Life Church – in every Tree of Life Church – is “full of the Spirit”. Not just the pastor, not just the Conways, but every single person full of the Spirit.¬†

We need to ensure our churches have gateways where people can receive the Spirit on a regular basis (different people – let’s not fall for the old “we leak and need top up” nonsense) and we need pathways in which people can understand the gifts and how to flow in them.

We have a two week course called “Prophetic Workshop” in which we get people baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues and prophesying. I am currently writing an 8 week course on how to discover your giftings in the local body of believers. This is something we are going to do deliberately, intentionally because it is how we want our church to look.

When you decide that your church needs to be like this: you need to decide the gateway and pathway for yourself.  Will you give altar calls for the Holy Spirit baptism on Sunday mornings?  In the small groups?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Think about these things in the light of your situation Рthere is no right or wrong answer as long as there are gateways.

We have one month every year in which we preach and teach on the Holy Spirit and His gifts.  Then we will give public appeals to be filled with the Spirit each week.  We will then have further open appeals in the week.  I am in the process of ensuring all our small group leaders and lead someone in the baptism of the Holy Spirit in a quiet, calm, no-nonsense manner.  Your situation may be different, but you have to have a plan.

A gateway is the way in, but a pathway is the way along.  Some people may come to your church from a church where tongues is a swear word Рor (even worse) a kooky charismatic church where tongues was misused and prophesy was abusive.  How are you going to teach and train those people how to flow in the gifts in a way which is encouraging, comforting and edifying to the entire church?

The way you do this must be deliberate Рit cannot be haphazard.  Take some time this week to make a plan Рa God-inspired plan Рand then when you are confident with it, communicate it to your leadership and put it in place.

Every pastor should be able to answer these two questions succinctly and accurately:

1. How can I be baptized in the Holy Spirit?

2. Where can I learn more about the gifts around here?