Think Big to Live Big 01 Think For Yourself

Think For Yourself

Most people do not think for themselves. I spend my life helping people think big, and what I find is that most small thoughts come from someone else. Most people get their thinking from their parents, their pastors, their peers – they do not stop ever and think about thinking and think about how and why they think in certain ways.

Deep inside your mind, a lot of your thinking is done at a reflexive level – often called your subconscious. You think and act before you have ever even thought about what you are thinking. Your mind spends most of its life on automatic mode, and you need to deliberately think about how you think.

Your mind is like mud. It doesn’t really do much, it simply responds to what you plant inside it. If you plant a certain seed in mud, that will be the only harvest you get. If you want to have a great, big life, you need to stop thinking small thoughts and having small dreams. You need to stop thinking you are small, thinking you are incapable, think that you are this or that. Like mud, your mind does not determine what is good or bad, it just takes the seed and creates a harvest. You have to stop sowing bad seed over and over and start thinking big thoughts and sow better seeds.

The starting point for this is that you need to take responsibility for your own thinking. You need to think about what kind of house you want to live in. A lot of people have never done that. They have never thought about where they would like to live, how much they would like to earn, what kind of people they want to be friends with. Most people have never written the answers to these things down in any detail. They have never once used their own imagination to plant good seeds of their future. And they have never ever used repetition to plant that idea over and over to plant that idea deep in their mind to grow the harvest of that life.

You are a leader, you need to control your imagination and mind. You need to think for yourself, you need to programme your mind yourself.

The best way to develop your mind is writing. Writing causes thinking, thinking causes images. That is how you plant seed in your mind. Over and over you choose to think about the future you want. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. You must write and think and dream. You must create images for your mind to think on. You dream your life then you live your life. We are dreaming our future. We must learn to do this by ourself!

This is how God designed you to operate, and so many people never change their thinking. When you dream, the universe must bow to your God-given dominion and manifest your dream. It’s that simple. The dream must be expressed. BUT YOU NEED TO DREAM YOUR DREAMS FROM YOUR SPIRIT, not what society and family have imposed on you. You must spend the time doing this.

A principle of science is that nothing is created or destroyed. All energy is just converted from one form to another. That is how God designed our universe. All the power to create your dreams is inside you – you just need to think differently. The only thing you need to do is change the way you think. As a leader this is imperative you learn this skill and learn how to show others how to do this.

Again – the first step is not thinking by default. Stop and think about what kind of life you want, what kind of walk with God, what kind of ministry you want, what kind of health and wealth you want, how you want to be. God has put dreams inside your spirit you need to let into your mind. Your mind works like a mobile phone – any thought can call you but you choose which ones you answer!

Right now there is a pandemic going on – it will not affect me at all. Right now there is a lockdown affecting some people’s finances – it will not affect mine at all. Because I don’t let the media tell me what to think. I choose what to think. I don’t think they way most other pastors think because I choose what to think. I am not about to start disobeying the law, but I am working with higher laws and everything I dream is going to manifest in my life. Be patient and keep sowing the seeds until the harvest comes!

I will continue to write about dreaming and thinking big until you start to get it. Love you all!

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