Think Big to Live Big 02 Tune In To Jesus

Jesus is the biggest thinker in the world. The plan of salvation is bigger than any single human could ever think. We need to tune into Jesus. When I was young, we never had mobile phones, we had one phone in our house and it was in the hallway attached to the wall. I shared that phone with my parents, my brother and my sister. Often you would answer the phone to find someone wanting to talk to someone else. The call was not for them.

Now over the years, the phone has transformed. We all have our own phone – our own frequency. We can all tune into our own calls. God had this idea long before we did – He speaks to all of us individually, giving us all dreams that are unique to us. The way you lead will not be the way I lead, the way you confront people, build systems, correct, inspire, challenge, encourage will not be the same as me. Every leader is unique. We are similar to others and less similar to other others, but no two leaders are the same. We can learn from others, there are enough similarities for that, but ultimately to walk in a great big dream you have to tune into Jesus and your personal frequency. You need to hang up on all other calls and answer His call!

Now your mind has a unique number, like your phone does. It’s able to receive from the Lord, but the way you answer the call is the way you think. If you are thinking small thoughts you will not be answering the call of the Lord, you will not be hearing God. You need to think big thoughts. While covid went on and lockdown went on, my biggest concern was not for people’s health or their employment. No, my biggest concern was that the whole situation would affect the way people think, it would make them think small, anxious, doubtful, unChristlike thoughts and disconnect their souls from the living God and therefore from their dreams and destiny.

The pandemic and lockdown is sad, but it has not slowed me or Tree of Life down at all. Why? Because I don’t think on it. What I dream about is who I am. Everything I need is coming my way. My needs will all be met by His riches in glory. I am the head and not the tail. As long as those thoughts swirl around my heart and soul, that is what will manifest in my life. The greatest danger of this age is a danger of limited thinking. We must as leaders help people think big – but that starts with us. You must believe that you are going to have your needs met. If you need it, it will come to you. That is the way God works. If you don’t see that, do not panic, but rather be patient, and keep the line open for God to speak to you. The bigger you dream, the easier it is for you to connect to God.

You need to have some grit in your imagination. If you are a true leader in Christ and called by Christ, I know something about you – you want more than you have right now. You want to do something big for the kingdom. That dream is from Christ. I want more money, not because I am carnal and materialistic but because I want to influence more people. I want to dream bigger not because I have an ego but because I am one with infinite intelligence Himself, Jesus “the Brain” Christ. If you grasp what I am saying, keep working at dreaming bigger. Keep going, keep dreaming. Keep feeding your dreams. And you will start to hear God speak.

Selah. We will continue this thought on grit in your imagination next week. Right now I am off to Guildford to see some miracles! DREAM BIG!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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