Character for Leaders 03 Character Matters Everywhere

There has been a sort of understanding across the world that character is just for your personal life. It’s got nothing to do with ministry, business or politics. But that’s absolute rubbish. A lot of the crisis in business today is a crisis of credibility due to a crisis of character. Students are cheating inContinue reading “Character for Leaders 03 Character Matters Everywhere”

Character for Leaders 02 There is No Victory Without Character

So many people think a win is measured in numbers and finances! Now we love more people coming to Tree of Life because we know we disciple them. We love having more money because we spend it on advancing the kingdom. But all the people and money in the world won’t matter if we doContinue reading “Character for Leaders 02 There is No Victory Without Character”

Character for Leaders 01 Leaders Need More Character

A lot of people are fed up of leaders for one reason – their lack of character. Politicians lie and break the very rules they make. Business CEOs are dishonest and deal without ethics. Sportsmen cheat, paying judges, taking illegal substances, and so on – not to mention their character off the pitch or field!Continue reading “Character for Leaders 01 Leaders Need More Character”