Kings or Politicians 05: A Handy Dictionary

One of the things you must get used to when you are reigning as a king is being called names by the fruitless politicians who cannot deal with your authority. I thought I would provide a handy dictionary to help you translate what people mean when they call you names: You are offending me –Continue reading “Kings or Politicians 05: A Handy Dictionary”

Kings and Politicians 04: The Tyranny of the Majority

One of the concerns of a democratic system is often called the “tyranny of the majority”. It is the idea that the majority, because everyone has one vote, can easily outvote a minority, and impose their rule and their ways on a minority. Healthy democracies have checks and balances to ensure this does not occur,Continue reading “Kings and Politicians 04: The Tyranny of the Majority”

Kings or Politicians 03: Handling Conflict

When you realize that as a Christian you are a king, not a politician, how you handle conflict changes. Politicians have to listen to everylone’s criticism, everyone’s concerns, because they need the applause of the audience. Kings do not. This surprises and frustrates many people when you start living like a king. They are annoyedContinue reading “Kings or Politicians 03: Handling Conflict”

Kings or Politicians 02: Longevity

This is our second post about the difference between royalty and politicians. As Christians we are called to be royalty, to reign in life as kings. Revelation 1.6 describes Christians as “kings and priests”, not as politicians and priests. Last post we looked at the difference in the source of authority between politicians and kings,Continue reading “Kings or Politicians 02: Longevity”

Kings or Politicians 01: The Source of Your Authority

For a while now I have wanted to do a series of blog posts on the difference between ruling as a king and ruling as a politician.  Since I was born again at the age of 16, I have seen in many different churches, denominations, Bible Schools and ministries, people who have the authority thatContinue reading “Kings or Politicians 01: The Source of Your Authority”