Kings or Politicians 02: Longevity

This is our second post about the difference between royalty and politicians. As Christians we are called to be royalty, to reign in life as kings. Revelation 1.6 describes Christians as “kings and priests”, not as politicians and priests.

Last post we looked at the difference in the source of authority between politicians and kings, for politicians it comes from people and pleasing the people, for royalty it comes from birth. And here is the stark truth: royals outlive politicians. The picture above this post is Queen Elizabeth and President Trump. He is the twelfth President of America that the Queen has met. I seriously doubt anyone reading this post could name all 12 of those Presidents off the top of their heads!

When you are a politician you will always become yesterday’s news. I remember in 1997, when Princess Diana tragically died. A lot of people said the Queen reacted poorly, and the current Prime Minister Tony Blair tried to manipulate public perception and use the death for political gain. In the short term, it worked, but over two decades on, the Queen has a public rating higher than she has ever had, and Tony Blair has gone down as one of the worst Prime Ministers the nation has ever had.

When you decide to reign in life, you realize something: political leaders in the church come and go. All the time!

Political Christian leaders are not going to be around long. The same people who cry Hosanna one week cry crucify the next week, and unless your source of power, your source of authority, is more than the people, you will be gone and not even know why. The reason is you never got grounded in Christ. You said what you thought the people needed to hear, not what Christ needed you to speak. You love the praise of man, you are a statesman, not a king.

Greg Mohr said at a pastor’s retreat I was at last week “You cannot bless those you are trying to impress!” And if you are trying to impress everyone, you are blessing no one, and so eventually people will stop coming to you.

I want you to have a long lasting ministry. I have people who tried to destroy me, tried to lie about me, gossip about me. They didn’t care about following Christ, and were prepared to ignore all of Christ’s mandates and instructions to get ahead and impress people. Most of those people are not in ministry! I am still putting out the Word and will be doing so until I die, because I only care about my Royal Family – the Father, King Jesus, and the Lord Holy Spirit. I am not trying to impress man. That means sometimes I look a little out of step with the crowds, but it means long after the crowds change, I am still plodding on, still walking in victory, still wearing my Royal Diadem.

I suggest getting on your face before God until the voice of the people grows strangely dim. Until you hear Him speak, then one I not matter what the people say. Just do it. Then you will be a king and have a ministry that bears fruit and lasts.

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