Tend My Lambs

Part of a pastor’s role is to tend to the lambs. Lambs are the baby sheep. Paul defines babies as those who are carnal not spiritual, those who are moved by what they see and not by faith.

You have lambs in every area of the Christian life. In the healing ministry, they have a desire and anointing to heal but they are focused on magic water or an exotic fruit that allegedly brings healing.

In prosperity, they are looking for the next pyramid scheme, or the next get rich seminar where the only person who gets rich is the guy charging £250 for a seminar.

In changing the nation, they are camped around a political party or system, even though no politician has ever changed a nation.

It is our job as pastors to tend to these lambs, to gently but firmly use our rod and staff to lead them to the still waters and green grass of the redemptive work of the Lord. You can always tell the baby lamb when they get off kilter because they have no still waters, everything agitates them, everything winds them up – you wind them up just by trying to get them to rest in Christ because their baby eyes can’t see Jesus, they can only see their carnal, worldly, cheap solution and so they are always agitated. Every message about Christ alone winds and stirs them up.

It’s one of the hardest jobs of the shepherd ministry, and none of the other fivefold have a clue about it, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do


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