A Gentle Heart (part 1)

Image result for gentle heartI haven’t blogged for a while.  Time has not been on my side, and when I get time to write, I am preaching a lot more than I ever have and I am penning sermons, or I am writing my new book on leadership which I shall hopefully finish this year. But this topic of a gentle heart has been on my mind the last few weeks.  I hope this new series helps.

We live in the greatest generation who has ever lived.  I believe that with all my heart.  We are seeing more heaven and more hell on the planet than ever before. We are seeing the church shining bright and walking in faith and grace in a way it has not for many decades. Satan is fully aware his time is short and he is working overtime to destroy the church, remove the Word from your heart, and destroy the precious unity of the brethren. He will try anything to stop the church from walking in the glory of the Father and walking in her destiny.

There is greater resistance to preach the Word than there has ever been, but a greater response to that Word!  It’s called the harvest – the world is getting darker and brighter at the same time!  But it is not a tragedy to be alive today.  You were not born out of time, you are on time.  And I welcome you to this generation – if we did not have the grace to make it in this generation, we wouldn’t have been born into it.  God is not stupid, He does not make mistakes.

It is time for the world to see more signs, more wonders, more miracles than any generation has ever seen.  It is time for you and me to work those signs and wonders, to work those miracles, to defy the devil, the world and even our own flesh, and to stand for the Lord and His love, His purity, His passion, His Word, His faith, His kindness.  It is time for us to bloom!

How can we do this?  How can we take our place in this end-time movement?  The answer is found in two simple words: gentle heart.  Jesus Christ died for you, for me, but He also died for the whole world.  Someone needs to tell the world about His precious blood, His vast love, His extravagant glory.  That someone needs to be you.  How can you it?  You need to develop a gentle heart that does not react out of fleshy needs to be in control, to pay back, to get “justice” – but a gentle heart that is still, sensitive to the still, small voice of the Spirit, a heart that can hear God and follow God.  It doesn’t mean weak, it means meek.  It means strong, stronger than you will ever have to be, but never harsh.

As and when, I will continue this theme about how to develop and use a gentle heart.  Until then, why not pray “Lord, I want a gentle heart.  Lead me to that place by your grace and mercy”

Love you all,


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