5 Reasons Some People Never Enter Ministry

  1.  They aren’t prepared to take a chance and a risk. 2. They are lazy. 3. They aren’t prepared to start small. 4. They aren’t prepared to start in a ministry with someone else’s name on the door. 5. They aren’t prepared to help people for free

Differing Styles of Home Group Leaders

Your home group leaders will have different styles due to their differing backgrounds, ages, styles and personalities. That’s not a problem. What is a problem is when they don’t know when a slightly different approach is necessary. This chart shows the differing styles and when they are important. It should help any small group leaderContinue reading “Differing Styles of Home Group Leaders”

The Three Rungs of Successful Leadership

Just being a pastor, or being the boss does not make you a leader.  Being a leader simply means having followers – now that doesn’t mean you are the next Jim Jones and people follow you blindly – it is much more mundane, but also much more amazing than that.  Being a leader simply meansContinue reading “The Three Rungs of Successful Leadership”

Role of the Pastor 7: Releasing

God designed the universe to work in order, and everything God has ever designed and built works in an order and produces after its own kind.  Trees produces trees, cats give birth to cats, dogs give birth to dogs, and horses give birth to horses. Pastors should be giving birth to pastors!  That means twoContinue reading “Role of the Pastor 7: Releasing”