Differing Styles of Home Group Leaders


Your home group leaders will have different styles due to their differing backgrounds, ages, styles and personalities. That’s not a problem. What is a problem is when they don’t know when a slightly different approach is necessary. This chart shows the differing styles and when they are important. It should help any small group leader consider their style. Remember – anything done on purpose is better!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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2 thoughts on “Differing Styles of Home Group Leaders

  1. Thanks. I’d class myself as primarily Democratic. Unfortunately when I was leading a Men’s Bible Study group, this style resulted in my letting forceful members dominate and even attack others. Unable to deal with the problem, I finally resigned as leader. However the style seems to be working well in my leading the Life group that I’m now part of.

    1. Thanks for the reply, Bob. I don’t believe there is one right or wrong leadership style and everyone should learn to play to their strengths… The wisdom is knowing when to shift style. Promoting group involvement is one of the keys to a successful group, at the same time allowing those with the loudest voices to speak all the time and impose their agenda on the group is a recipe for disaster.

      One of the things I do, and I am going to be training our community pastors to do is to know that some people thrive better leading certains kinds of people, and not every group is a good fit.

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