Raise a Generation That Loves New Wine 03: Realize Miracles Are Essential

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Miracles are essential!

If you want to pastor a church of people who love the new wine of the Spirit you need to absolutely and without a shadow of a doubt develop an intense conviction that you as a pastor and leader are not leading a successful church if there are no miracles and gifts of the Spirit happening. It’s really that simple.

Most churches, and it is a tragedy to say it, do not see healings often, do not see miracles and do not see much in the way of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and they are missing God. You cannot lead your people into a love for the new wine if you are not absolutely convinced it is essential. The way to lead a church into miracles is hard work. You need to be dedicated, and that means you must be convinced – utterly convinced – that you need to have miracles in your ministry and church!

There are three powerful reasons why you need to have miracles in your ministry and church:

  1. Miracles Validate that You are Approved by God

Acts 2.22 says that Jesus of Nazareth was approved of God by miracles and wonders and signs. If you do not accept that without miracles, you have no way of validating that God approves of your ministry, you will find a way to do ministry without miracles, without the Holy Spirit, and without supernatural power.

2. Miraclces will mean Your Ministry Matches the Bible

Have you noticed how full of miracles the Bible is? The pages of the Bible are stuffed full of miracle after miracle. If you want a Biblical ministry, you must have miracles. If you do not have a miracle ministry, your ministry is not Biblical. You need to have miracles. You need to put the power of God above every other power. We cannot be so educated we do not need miracles!

3. Miracles Will Put Off Deniers

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people. (1 Tim. 3.1-5, NIV)

In our days, so many people make the times terrible. These people love themselves more than God, love money more than God, and love pleasure more than God. They are awful people to have in the church. They are impossible to disciple, easily offended, spread gossip and rumours and will make a noise no matter what happens. No wonder the Scripture is clear: have nothing to do with such people. Nothing at all, nothing no matter what. Do not give them the time of day, do not meet them, do not give them a minute, do not let them speak in your meetings, do not make them elders, do not have anything to do with them.

But here is is the good news, these people have a form of godliness but deny the power of God. They do not believe in the power of God. So when you have miracles in your ministry and church, you will get rid of them.

You see people can have the form – the appearance – of godliness and deny the power. And still love themselves, money and pleasure more than God. They can preach, they can minister, they will love to talk about God’s love and forgiveness all the time, but if you want to see God’s power you cannot have anything to do with those people. It is hard to work miracles in a church full of scoffers, hypocrites and mockers. The presence of doubting people is the strongest antidote to miracles you can have in your church. Jesus could not do miracles in the middle of doubting people, and you are not greater than your master. As a pastor, you need to understand this.

I have seen many ministers start off with miracles but end up without miracles. The doubting and scoffing of people will end that miracle ministry. You need to absolutely deal with these people and make sure that you have nothing to do with them. But you break through and you start working miracles these people will leave. And it’s the best for you, the best for your church – and the best for these people.


Raise a Generation That Loves New Wine 02: Teach People to Expect Benefits

The best wine from the best grapes

If you want to give your people a taste for the new wine, a taste for living in their promises, a taste for victory. If you want to pastor people like Joshua and Caleb and less like the ten spies, you have to point out the benefits that they have in Christ and teach them to expect those benefits.

Ephesians 1 gives us ten remarkable benefits that you need to teach your people to expect, dream, imagine and then go and possess!

  • The Blessing. Ephesians 1.3 says we are blessed with all the blessings. You need to teach your people they are blessed not cursed until they develop a taste for being blessed. They have a taste for walking in health and wealth, a taste for enjoying the benefits of walking with God, a taste for God’s goodness and grace!
  • The Choice. We are chosen by God (Ephesians 1.4). Tell your people when they are walking into their destiny to expect the one who chose them for the task, God Himself, to open the doors, split the sea and knock the walls down. Teach them to expect and develop a taste for the favour of God.
  • The Family. We are adopted as God’s children (Ephesians 1.5). Teach your people to expect that when they cannot make it another day, the Father, or one of their many brothers and sisters, will have a word or an assignment from God to make their life easier and better. It’s awesome being part of the family of God, and there is nothing like it. Teach your people to expect all the benefits of being in such a great family.
  • The Redemption. We have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Himself (Ephesians 1.7). That means we belong to Jesus not satan. Teach your people to expect the benefits of being part of the kingdom of God, and not being part of the kingdom of satan.
  • The Forgiveness. Ephesians 1.7 says we have the forgiveness of sins. Teach your people to expect never to be judged for their sins and to be treated by God as someone who never has sinned. This develops a taste for praise and worship like you would never be able to do any other way!
  • The Wisdom. Ephesians 1.8 says that God has abounded to us all wisdom. Teach your people to expect God to give them novel solutions, witty ideas, remarkable inventions, ways to approach unapproachable people, ways to solve unsolvable problems. Teach them to expect the benefit of God’s wisdom.
  • The Will of God. Ephesians 1.9 says He has made known to us the mystery of His will. You have to teach your people to expect that they will know God’s will, know God’s plan for their life, know their destiny and God’s good plan for their life.
  • The Sealing. Ephesians 1.13 says we were sealed by the Holy Spirit. The “ye” in this verse is our born-again spirit. Your spirit is sealed, a demon can’t get in, sin cannot get in, darkness cannot get in. You are sealed. Teach your people to expect to be living in a bubble of grace and goodness every day of their life!
  • The Throne. Ephesians 2.6 (ok, I jumped a chapter, but this one is important). tells us that we are seated with Him in heaven. Your people are sitting with Jesus, tell them to expect the authority and life that goes with a throne, the kingly lifestyle.

If you teach your people about the benefits, over and over, they will develop a supernatural hunger and thirst for them. When they hunger for them, they will be filled. It is that simple. And people hungry for the kingdom of God are easy to lead. Moses told us something very special about how God leads His people:

He set him atop the heights of the land,
    and fed him with produce of the field;
he nursed him with honey from the crags,
    with oil from flinty rock;
14 curds from the herd, and milk from the flock,
    with fat of lambs and rams;
Bashan bulls and goats,
    together with the choicest wheat—
    you drank fine wine from the blood of grapes. (Deut. 32.13-14, NRSV)

God sets His people on high, and feeds them well. I love the end of this passage – fine wine from the blood of grapes. Blood of grapes is a Hebrew phrase meaning the best grapes, the Message Bible calls it good wine, Young’s calls it the purest wine, the Good News calls it the finest of wines. God gives us the best wine from the best grapes! That’s the best of the best. God wants to give you and the people you pastor the best of the best. Start telling them now. Start getting their hopes up, start training them to be expectant.

Raise a Generation That Loves New Wine 01: There is No Joy without New Wine

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You are designed to win, and as a leader you need to impart to other people a sense and attitude that they can win. People come to Tree of Life Church checking us out and have a range of different ideas. Most people are weary, defeated, they feel like they are slaves to circumstances and slaves to their past and slaves to sin. My job as a pastor is to get inside their mind and change that attitude and develop a sense of freedom in them. My job is to raise a generation that loves new wine. A generation that wants to be in the promised land far more than they want to be in Egypt. We need people uncomfortable in Egypt, uncomfortable in the wilderness, but are comfortable knocking down walls, taking grounds, slaying giants, obtaining promises, living by faith and winning battles.

You are designed to dominate. You are not the prey of any creature on earth, you are the lord of every animal. We keep lions in cages, they do not keep us in cages! We are in charge. We need to develop the attitude of lordship and domination.

You have to develop greatness in others and the only way to do this is to help people discern they are designed for greatness, to help them desire to be great, to help them gravitate towards success – to give them a desire for new wine. Raise a generation that loves new wine!

Everyone you lead is destined for elevation, for celebration, for greatness. They were all born to desire the new wine of achieving, and it is our job to develop that taste in people as leaders. Never ever forget that or you will dull your ability to lead.

The first thing you need to help people in your church or organization realize is this: there is no happiness without the new wine. What do I mean? We cannot be happy without being successful at doing what God has called and designed us to do. Being popular will not ultimately make you happy. Getting married will not ultimately make you happy. Fame will not ultimately make you happy. Money will not ultimately make you happy. Position will not ultimately make you happy. What makes you happy is discovering your purpose and destiny and developing the wisdom and character and backbone and faith to walk in that and do it.

True success is three things:

  1. Finding out what God has designed and destined you to do
  2. Starting what God has designed and destined you to do
  3. Finishing what God has designed and destined you to do

You need to help everyone you lead realize there is no true, lasting happiness outside of doing what God has designed them to do. You need to let people know every other wine might help for a night, but pain will come in the morning, but the new wine of doing what God has designed and called us to do – that adds no sorrow! As people realize they can only find true joy in the new wine, they will develop a taste for it. That will make your job so much easier, and so much more enjoyable.