Set the Pace 06: Give Energy to Others

As a leader you should have energy – that goes without saying. You have to put in effort and life and oomph into getting things done. But one of the true blessings of leading is to be able to energize others and to energize those that you lead. How can you give your church, communityContinue reading “Set the Pace 06: Give Energy to Others”

Set the Pace 05: Know When To Slow Down

The quickest way to get moody is to not sleep enough. A survery in the UK showed that people who do not sleep enough are seven times more likely to feel like life is overwhelming them and five times more likely to have feelings of loneliness. It stops you thinking and acting properly. Another studyContinue reading “Set the Pace 05: Know When To Slow Down”

Set the Pace 04 How Do You Eat An Elephant

The answer to the old question “how do you eat an elephant” is one bite at a time. Which means some tasks are just big tasks and just take time. Building a church, setting up a new business, losing weight, changing the direction of a church. All of these tasks take time. But if yourContinue reading “Set the Pace 04 How Do You Eat An Elephant”