How to Make Someone Else a Better Leader 02 Who Around You Is A Potential Leader

I am going to give you a very simple mental exercise I do when I decide if someone is a potential leader. Right, I want you to imagine it is Sunday morning and church starts in ten minutes. And something has gone wrong. There is a fight in the worship group that has turned vicious, and several members in the worship team are arguing over the song choices and it has devolved into a fight about who is the most (and least committed). It is turning nasty, voices are being raised and tempers are flaring up. You are utterly unaware of this because you are solving another problem in another department.

The person you are wondering about whether they are a potential leader is the first to arrive on the scene and arrives in the middle of the situation just as it is kicking off.

Now, will this person bring the situation to still waters and bring everyone to calm and peace and deal with the problem and make it smaller, or will they make it worse, causing the whole thing to blow up. Will they be someone who pours water on the fire or someone who pours petrol on it?

When you know if you want them to be the first person to show up, you know if they have potential as a leader in your community, church, business, etc.

If you grow those people you would want to be the first there if you could not be when there is a potential fire – grow those people – and you will grow the organization.


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One thought on “How to Make Someone Else a Better Leader 02 Who Around You Is A Potential Leader

  1. Many thanks for your blog.
    This is a much better way to look for potential leaders than I’ve seen – “still waters and peace” being a tell tale fruit of. much greater importance than being part of the eye catching, “with-it” dynamic gang of young talented go-getters, picked out for special mentoring by the elders. The ordinary people were used as canon fodder for these guys to expend as they practiced their “teaching and leadership” in house groups, while climbing the ladder of promotion and rank. Unfortunately they had no heart for the people, just their own desire for excitement and status. They are all divorced now and nowhere to be seen in The Church. The responsible pastors/elders/apostles “chose poorly”, and discipled worse, dazzled by charisma and noise rather than character and the Moses sort of humility that AW teaches about. This is one of the reasons we didn’t get the massive churches or influence in society we thought we would get in the 1980s.

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