Be Bold 01 It Makes Satan and Religious people nervous!

If you read Psalm 23 which is a revelation of Jesus as our pastor and the benefits of being in a local church, one of the wonderful blessings is a cup that runs over. You could translate that as: more than enough. Greg Mohr likes the phrase “enough and extra”, others use the word abundance. It is all referring to the same glorious truth about our Heavenly Shepherd – He does more than we dream, more than we imagine, more than we can ever ask for.

God is a great big God and realizing that should make us bold in Him. He is never going to let us down, He is never going to give up on us, fail to provide enough and extra for us to walk in our dreams and then some!

So many people think they are living by faith but they are not. They are living by religion. They read something happened yesterday and are pleading with God to do it again when God wants us to walk with Him today!

Whether we have revival today depends on us not God. And we need to walk with God and know His goodness to the point it makes us passionately bold to speak His truth and be carriers of revival. It will not come about by us begging and pleading with Him or repenting of someone else’s sins to cleanse the nation. That’s just ignorant talk invented by people who don’t really know the goodness of God.

People tell me I am bold. Some say it as compliment, other people say it as an insult. Those are normally religious people who genuinely have no idea how good God is. But my boldness if I have any does not come frome, it comes from the Lord. My confidence is in Him.

But here is some good news… We can all be confident in Him because He is good to all. We can all win. I don’t need your light to dim for mine to shine brighter. We can all be the head and not the tail. We can all prosper and be in health. We can all minister.

Serve Jesus boldly. Make the devil nervous. And if you make a few religious people nervous too, that’s OK.

Tell people the truth. Do not be afraid of how blessed you are. Be confident in the Lord. Talk about how good God is. Share your faith with others. Show love to others. Lay hands on the sick.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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