The Future is Bright


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On Thursdays at the Dream Academy, our goal is to help you see the future more clearly. You need a hope for your future, it’s part and parcel of living in this world and part and parcel of walking in your dreams.

Part of the job of the news media is to spread fear, and especially a fear for the future. Go and read the headlines of the major newspapers – they will tell you the future is going to be worse. They don’t keep telling you all the indicators that the future is going to be better – you have to work at, and continually and consistently work at, creating a picture of a better future in your mind, so that it can manifest for you in your life.

So today, set aside some time to imagine a future better than it is right now. Imagine you walking in victory, imagine you walking in your dreams!

In the next few weeks, we are going to teach you how to shape your environment so that everywhere you look you are surrounded by reminders and visual clues to remember your dreams.

But today, just get a post it note and put it on the mirror you use the most – for shaving, for your make-up (for shaving and doing your make-up if that’s your thing) – and put the post-it note on the mirror. 

On the post-it note write this: I WILL WALK IN MY DREAMS!

That’s going to start stirring you up and leading you into the future of your choice!


Take Good Notes


I promised you that we would give you a simple instruction on Wednesdays that if you put it into place in your life would bring you closer to making your dreams come true. 

And here is our first piece of Wednesday Wisdom for you: take good notes.

The Bible tells us that those who wait on the Lord shall be made strong again. We read that “wait” as in wait for a bus and just did nothing hoping one day our strength to walk in our dreams would magically return, like the number 62 bus.

But that didn’t happen because we read the verse wrong, it actually means “wait” as in wait on a table. And what is the first thing you associate with a waiter or waitress: a notepad.

To be a success in life you must write things down! It’s that simple. Studies show that if you write down your dreams you are now ten to fifteen times more likely to see them come to pass. If you keep a food diary, you will lose weight. There is a power in writing things down.

Here are some of the things you should be writing down and reviewing regularly:

  1. Your dreams and goals
  2. Sermon notes from church on Sunday
  3. To Do lists
  4. Instructions from your boss
  5. Notes from inspirational books and CDs
  6. Lessons you have learned

Here are some things you should definitely consider writing

  1. A food diary, especially if you need to lose weight
  2. Things that make you laugh
  3. Things that make you think
  4. Recipes
  5. What you would do if money was no object

Learn to become a note taker. Don’t be the waiter who tries to do it all from memory and forgets it all.

When you take notes, you free your mind up from the task of memory and release it to be more creative. You know you won’t forget your assignment because you wrote it down and can look it up again. 

Finally three simple tips to take good notes:

  1. Write clearly! You want to come back to this.
  2. Buy a good note book. Your pastor is sharing life-changing information and you are writing on the back of a receipt? No way… Buy a decent notepad, spend some money on that thing.
  3. Date your notes and at the top write down the purpose of the notes. This will help immensely when coming back to review them.

Dealing With Worry 01: What is Worry?

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Welcome to the Dream Academy. We are here to help you walk in your dreams through motivation, teaching, inspiration and challenge.

Today is #teachingtuesday, and we are going to start a series on dealing with worry. Worry is one of the biggest dream-killers that exists. You need to learn how to identify and deal with worry.

The English word worry actually has its roots in the word “strangle”, which is one of the most powerful descriptions of what worry does to you – it strangles the life out of you. It sucks the life and peace and joy out of you and stops you from moving forward and walking in your dreams.

Worry can easily become an obsession in your life – you look at a situation, a problem, a fear, and you obsess over it, you look at every aspect of it, you analyse every potential situation that could happen, and you end up making mountains out of molehills.

Worry is not just in your mind though, it starts to affect your body. You start to get hot-and-bothered, you start to feel sick. Even if the chances of something happening is next to nothing, we can still worry about it to the point that we cannot function. This is something we have to function.

Worry is a force of destruction. It will mess up your mind and body. It is not healthy. It is not something we should be permitting in your life.

One of the things I want to teach you about in this #teachingtuesday series is how to tell the difference between worry and faith. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will speak to us about something – for example, the Holy Spirit might tell you that one of your children is facing a problem. That’s not worry, that’s the witness of the Spirit. You have to listen to the Comforter when He tells you there is a problem, so you can bring the Word of God in prayer to that problem; and you have to realize that is not worry – worry never brings the Word of God into a situation and has no comfort. Some people are so anxious that even the witness of the Spirit is turned into worry by their mind, rather than turned into prayer in the Spirit.

The opposite of worry is hope. When you have hope, in God, in your ability to win, in your future, then you start to feel at ease. Sometimes hope and worry exist in our mind together at the same time, and that can be hard to deal with. We will spend some time learning how to control our thinking and deal with worry forever.

Now this is a simple introduction to the topic, and we will go in depth in the next few weeks in our dream academy. Consider this module 1. But the fact is some of you reading this cannot wait 4-8 weeks to learn more to deal with worry, because right now it is paralysing your mind. So let me give you the condensed version of how to deal with worry right now:

  1. Change what you are listening to. Words paint the pictures in your mind, so change what words you are hearing to change those pictures. Spend time listening to people who bring hope and life to you.
  2. The natural enemy of worry is love. The more you think about how much you are loved by God, by people, by friends and family, the more worry loses its ability to conquer you.
  3. A spoken word always beats a thought. When your thoughts lead you to a dark place, start talking light and life. Start saying how awesome you are, and how you are going to win and conquer and be a champion. Start speaking your dreams and you will walk in your dreams.

If you start to take that advice, you can deal with worry forever! But keep coming back and reading as we will unpack all this advice and give you some really practical help on how to deal with worry.

Make a List and Check It Twice


Today I want to motivate you to make this week as successful as possible.  One of the most powerful motivations is to make lists.  Lists have incredible power.
Here are some lists you could make to change your life:

  • A list of the books you are going to read this month
  • A list of the people you are going to pray for today
  • A list of the things you have to do this week
  • A list of things you are dreaming for this year
  • A list of what you want in a job, partner, house, etc.

Lists have remarkable power in that they bring focus. Written lists are remarkably powerful. Studies show that everyone who is a millionaire keeps lists. You want to be a millionaire learn how to make lists. I have a list of things I do every day, a list of the exercises I will do at the gym today, a list of things I have to do this week and this month, a list of Scriptures to memorize, and many more. Lists change your life.

Habukkuk 2.2 says to write the vision and make it plain. Making lists is a way you can write it and make it plain. Your lists are the recipe for your future success.

  • Lists take mental juggling away, it saves our mind from memory and ts it create.
  • Lists help us assign priority to things, which leads to success
  • Lists make us more organized which leads to efficiency.

Let me know in the comments below which lists you are making today and if you have any questions.

Remember: walking in your dreams is your destiny.

Spiritual Fathers 02: The Benefits

  1. HUMILITY – you have to assume that you are not the only one who knows what is going on, in fact, you realize that there are people who know more than you
  2. COMPANIONSHIP – what we do as ministers leaves us very lonely.  Having someone who we are like mentor and love us helps us no end, especially when what we are saying is controversial or radical
  3. OUR WIVES.  Ministers live in two realms – they are supernatural beings and natural beings.  When you are married to someone they see you being supernatural and see you being natural too.  It concerns our wives when they realize all this glory is in a very cracked and earthy vessel. Especially when you consider that women are twice removed from the earth, being made from Adam’s rib.  When you fellowship with spiritual fathers, and the woman sees that they too carry glory in cracked vessels, your marriage improves as that fear of being found out for being a earthy vessel melts away.
  4. HUMOUR.  It’s great to be around someone who sees the world the same way you do, it means you have similar senses of humour.  Life is hard, humour is precious.
  5. GOOD GROUND.  You know that spiritual father of yours who loves you, promotes you, encourages you, challenges you.  They are good ground – give to them today!

Spiritual Fathers 01: The Same As

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I had the joy of hearing Kenneth Hagin Jr about twenty years ago, and he told about how he was discouraged as a young Bible College student because all the churches he went to preach in complained he sounded like his father. His dad laughed and pointed out that you should absolutely should sound like your father!

I love that, you should sound like your father! And in ministry, God has provided for us 10,000 teachers but very few fathers, and it is good that you sound like your father. If you call a preacher your spiritual father then you should sound like them! You should be in alignment with them!  God has provided you with a few fathers – maybe one or two or three.  Your job is to recognize them, find them and grow up like them!

And I think that preachers are much healthier when they are part of the kingdom of God and have spiritual fathers. Timothy had Paul as a spiritual father, and the church at Ephesus was healthier for it.

Now I am not talking about joining some sort of hierarchy, I am not talking about paying $250 a month to call someone your spiritual father – I thought fathers took care of their children?! I am talking about having a relationship with someone through listening to them, learning from them, being discipled and moulded by them so you do not have to re-invent the wheel for yourself and that you do not have to make some dumb mistakes.

At the moment I have just heard a preacher I know tell an audience that he is a rare special preacher chosen for the last end times move.  Trust me that will only lead to error, and having a spiritual father or two or three would be a lot more healthy. The truth is all preachers are special, and we all have a destiny, let’s stop comparing ourselves with others and compare with Jesus! Compared to Jesus we all have a way to go in purity, in heart-love, in wisdom and so on!

Do you want to be a great teacher in the body of Christ? There are loads around, find one you like and follow and learn and grow and be discipled and be fathers. You want to pastor a great church, there are many great churches out there – find the men who pastor them and learn from them!

Thoughts of being special and unique often keep people away from meeting mentors who will father them and raise them up into a great ministry. It’s pride. That’s what it is.

I have never met a man great in ministry who did not have a spiritual father or two – people who sowed into their life and inspired them, challenged them, and rebuked them! Never.

Every great evangelist has a great evangelist they are like. Every great pastor, every great teacher. Your greatest victories come from the people who you associate with and learn from and get DNA from.

Why does having a spiritual father in your life produce so much power?

  1. You are instantly humble. You are admitting you don’t know it all, and you are not God’s next great thing with no respect or honour to those who have gone before
  2. You cannot boast any more, you are just grateful for those who have impacted your life – you know without their voice you would be nowhere!
  3. You are going to be part of a generational link, because after what you have received there is no way you are not going to pass it onto the next generation.

It multiplies the impact of ministry on the world.  You need a spiritual father or two or three!