Dealing With Worry 01: What is Worry?

Welcome to the Dream Academy. We are here to help you walk in your dreams through motivation, teaching, inspiration and challenge. Today is #teachingtuesday, and we are going to start a series on dealing with worry. Worry is one of the biggest dream-killers that exists. You need to learn how to identify and deal withContinue reading “Dealing With Worry 01: What is Worry?”

Make a List and Check It Twice

#motivationmonday Today I want to motivate you to make this week as successful as possible.  One of the most powerful motivations is to make lists.  Lists have incredible power. Here are some lists you could make to change your life: A list of the books you are going to read this month A list ofContinue reading “Make a List and Check It Twice”

Spiritual Fathers 01: The Same As

I had the joy of hearing Kenneth Hagin Jr about twenty years ago, and he told about how he was discouraged as a young Bible College student because all the churches he went to preach in complained he sounded like his father. His dad laughed and pointed out that you should absolutely should sound likeContinue reading “Spiritual Fathers 01: The Same As”