The Future is Bright


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On Thursdays at the Dream Academy, our goal is to help you see the future more clearly. You need a hope for your future, it’s part and parcel of living in this world and part and parcel of walking in your dreams.

Part of the job of the news media is to spread fear, and especially a fear for the future. Go and read the headlines of the major newspapers – they will tell you the future is going to be worse. They don’t keep telling you all the indicators that the future is going to be better – you have to work at, and continually and consistently work at, creating a picture of a better future in your mind, so that it can manifest for you in your life.

So today, set aside some time to imagine a future better than it is right now. Imagine you walking in victory, imagine you walking in your dreams!

In the next few weeks, we are going to teach you how to shape your environment so that everywhere you look you are surrounded by reminders and visual clues to remember your dreams.

But today, just get a post it note and put it on the mirror you use the most – for shaving, for your make-up (for shaving and doing your make-up if that’s your thing) – and put the post-it note on the mirror. 

On the post-it note write this: I WILL WALK IN MY DREAMS!

That’s going to start stirring you up and leading you into the future of your choice!


Published by Tree of Life Church

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