Dealing With Actors 07: Breaking Over-Familiarity

Over the last few weeks, we have looked at a particular type of actor you may find in your church (or business or ministry, etc). We have looked at people who are pretending to be your friend, and we have called this kind of pretending over-familiarity. We found out that this kind of pretending, aContinue reading “Dealing With Actors 07: Breaking Over-Familiarity”

Dealing With Actors 06: Spotting Over-Familiarity

In our last two posts, we shared the dangers of over-familiarity. Over-familiarity is when someone acts like they are your friend, that they are intimate with you, but they only know surface things about you. Because of this, their friendship does not have the appropriate level of respect. An attitude like that stopped Jesus workingContinue reading “Dealing With Actors 06: Spotting Over-Familiarity”

Dealing with Actors 05: Who is Most Vulnerable to Familiarity

As a pastor or other leader, you have to recognize that certain groups of people are more vulnerable to over-familiarity. and help those people. Some people have a much greater tendency to over-familiar. There are five groups you need to be careful with, because none of us want to be in a place where weContinue reading “Dealing with Actors 05: Who is Most Vulnerable to Familiarity”

Dealing with Actors 04: Over-Familiarity – Acting Like You are Friends

Some people will actually act like your friends when they are not your friends. They will pretend to you and to others that you and them are really close, even intimate, when they barely understand you and your heart and why you do what you do. Over-familiarity is when you act like you are soContinue reading “Dealing with Actors 04: Over-Familiarity – Acting Like You are Friends”