10 Reasons You Should Be at our Christmas Carol Service This Sunday

10.  Because Chris ‘n’ Von, that’s why (see http://www.chrisandvon.com for more info)

9. You could win a soup bowl set in an amazing raffle that is free to enter (you could also win a tablet computer)

8. Because Santa is paying us a visit – on a supersleigh

7. Because Christmas is full of events where people just want to take from you.  We will be investing in you!

6. Because free mince pies and doughnuts.

5. Because as of last night, now we know the Tree of Life has moves!  Expect some dancing in the aisles this Sunday!

4. Because you are going to hear a simple, short message on how Christmas changes everything.  You will take this one with you – it will impact you on every level.

3. Because it’s Chri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-istmas!!!

2. Because we want you to come!

1. Because if you don’t come – how can you bring a friend?

It’s at the Vue Cinema, Cook Road, Dagenham, RM9 6UQ – 10am, all welcome.  Arrive at 9.45am for a cup of tea or coffee!