Create a Better Future for Others 05: Unveil God’s Will to People

UNVEILED — ReyNaz Church

If you are a leader of people, especially in a church context, one of the questions that many people will ask you is this: why am I here? They may re-phrase it, what is my purpose, what has God called me to do, what should I do for the rest of my life. But is all comes back to this: what is God’s will for my life?

Hopefully you have asked those questions yourself and you are serving God’s people and in ministry because you are aware that you are called by God and that it is God’s will for you to be doing this. It is good to be able to answer that question yourself, but you have to be able to help others’ find their answers too.

It’s great to be able to tell people (truthfully – because this is how God has designed it) that they can do something great with their life, that God has designed them to be champions, that they can create something on planet earth that is both unique and worthwhile. But people will still want to know – well, that’s great, but what exactly has God called me to do?

We all start off with remarkable potential, some of us are blessed with great parents and teachers who have given us divine principles from a very early age. We are then fed a wealth of information what other people have discovered and we can find out – hey, I excel at this, I enjoy this, I don’t like this, I want to do something like this when I am older. And then we use that information to do something. But we can learn spiritual principles too and start doing something spiritual – and find out what is not just a job we can do and enjoy – but God’s will for our life – that life is the best life of all.

It is not our job as spiritual leaders to tell people what God’s will for their life is. It is not our job to tell people what job to take, what career path to follow, who to marry, where to live. It is our job to raise their thinking so they are seeking the Lord and His kingdom first so that they answer these questions according to the Spirit, not the flesh. People can find a success in the world using their fleshly strength, but it will always fade. We need more than success in life, we need significance, and that only comes when we are plugging into the Lord.

We need to teach people:

  • To seek the Lord’s will first. Do not marry the first pretty girl (or guy) that comes along, but use Biblical principles. Is this person a believer, are they plugged into local church, do they tithe? Help people see the principles that must be asked before making big decisions. People will move house to towns with no good church for a payrise, because money is their God not Jesus! Help people put Jesus first!
  • To learn to hear God, firstly in His Word, then by the Spirit of God. We need to train people to not move outside of God’s peace.
  • To reject carnal expectations. What God has called someone to do, might not be what daddy wants them to do, it might not be the image that has been pushed on them all their life.
  • Help people dream big. God’s plan for our lives is big, it’s exclusive, it’s unique, it’s grand, it’s impressive. When people start thinking thoughts like that, they are much more likely to encounter God’s dream for their life.
  • Help people hold earthly things lightly. In Heaven, there is no reward for the most Facebook likes, the biggest car, or any of the things we use to imagine we are successful in the world. What makes us a success is learning to live above those measurements and measure ourselves by God’s kingdom.
  • Teach people be themselves. I don’t mean act on every impulse you have, no matter how attention seeking, petty or foolish. I mean you find out who you really are, what you are designed to do, and walk in victory. There is unique brilliance inside all of us. There is something inside you that makes you special, weighty, mature, a life-changer. Find out what that is, and get involved with it.
  • Teach people that wherever they are on their journey, they are never too big to serve. Do this by example and by precept.
  • Finally help people see that life is not all about themselves, it is about helping and serving others, it is about walking in victory so that you can share the rewards of that victory with others. Help people get their vision beyond the end of their own nose and they will learn so much wisdom.

Create a Better Future for Others 04: Teach People to Dream

You're Teaching me to Dream Again | His Name, His Renown

We are in the middle of a series on how to make a better future for others. In the first post, I outlined six things that every leader needs to get involved in to help others have a better future. In the second post, I said we need to first take care of ourselves, and in the last post, I talked about unleashing the dreams inside others.

Today, I want to show you how to teach others to dream. This is essential for building a better future for people – you have not just to urge them to dream, but teach them how to dream. People in our world do not know how to dream, they do not know how to use their imagination. Many Christians are still nervous to use their imaginations.

Whenever we counsel people, teach people, pastor people we must help them use their imagination better. Dealing with a poor person, teach them how to dream of having stuff. Dealing with a sick person, teach them to dream of being healed. (Want a bigger church? Dream!)

How Can We Teach People to Dream?

This is what we need to teach people so they can dream big and walk in their dreams:

  • Do Not Stop Dreaming until You are Filled with Joy. If your dreams do not fill you with joy, you are not dreaming enough. If you are not more excited by your dreams than you are depressed by your circumstances, you are spending too much time thinking about your circumstances and far far too little time dreaming. Do not be afraid to tell people to dream more.
  • Replay your dreams daily. This has to become something you do daily to make it work. You eat daily, you sleep daily, you should be praying and reading your Bible daily. For dreaming to work it must be daily – your circumstances assault your mind daily, you need to force your mind to see new, positive images daily.
  • Every Sense Should be Used in Your Dreaming. What can you see? What can you hear? What does your new car smell like? What does being able to move freely look like? Be aggressive in making your dreams as vivid as possible.
  • Act like the dream will come to pass. You must start adding some works to your faith. Act like your dream is so, rejoice like it is so, give like it is so, love like it is so.
  • Make Your Dreams as Specific as Possible. Dreaming of preaching to hundreds and thousands of people? Where in the world? What venue? Dream as specific as possible. Dreaming of a new car? What kind of car? Teach people to dream specific dreams.

Train your people to dream. That is essential to help your people have a glorious future.

Create a Better Future for Others 03: Unleash the Dreams that Others Have

Revisiting Disney: Sleeping Beauty

We are talking about creating a better future for others. It’s so important as leaders that we lead people to a better future. In our last post we talked about self-development. It’s so important you work on yourself! Now, let’s learn how to work on others!

Everyone you meet has a dream. Deep inside them, they are creative and confident, they want to make the world a better place, they want to help people. They want to have healthy friendships, they want to be heroes, they want to produce. It is your job as a leader to unleash those dreams. To connect people to hope, to encourage them to verbalize what is inside their heart, to bring them refreshments in the middle of storms, to challenge them to keep going when they are walking through the valley of death. You need to help people realize they are unlimited in their potential, full of life, one spririt with Christ and that they can win every battle.

You are the Prince Charming that has to kiss the Sleeping Beauty of their dreams and wake them up! You have four tasks to help do this:

Keep Working on Yourself. In our last post, I said that, and here is the joy of it – as you start to work on yourself and bear fruit, people will like you, respect you and eventually want to be like you. That makes it easier to influence them, easier to encourage them in their dreams. You are walking in your dreams, that makes people confident that you can help them walk in their dreams. When people watch you beat Goliath, then they are confident you can train them! It’s so important you keep sweet with the Lord, constantly learning and developing.

Identify the Identity Leaks. All people have identity leaks. They hear that they are righteous, they hear that they are blessed, and they start to get it, but they have identity leaks. An old “friend” who always puts them down, a situation that makes them revert back to their old mind, a trigger for their past and weakness. Help give them Scriptures to meditate on, help them use their imagination to see who they really are, to start to dream bigger, and to plug those leaks.

Speak Words of Life over them and get them to speak them over themselves. Every good leader must bless their people. One of the differences between a teacher and a father is that a teacher teaches the lesson to the student, but the father speaking blessings over the son. The father wants the son to pass! You should want the people in your church to succeed. Speak life over them, and train them to speak life over themselves. Train them to make declaration of life, of being blessed, of walking in victory.

Stretch People by moving them from their comfort zones. People need to be able to see beyond their horizon. They need to know they are not turkeys, they are eagles, but that is not enough – you also have to push them to fly. Sometimes you have to throw people out of the nest into the sky. Sometimes you have to push them off a cliff and go “fly” – you have to stretch people to soar. You have to demand to the best of your ability, and as sweetly as you can, push people to dream larger than what they see right now.

That stretching hurts people – they have to give up the views that they grew up with all their life and that will cause strife with their tribe, as they give up the grounded, limited views and develop life-giving views that give power and life! People can lose friends, can fail, can fall apart, but you keep stretching them, keep speaking over them, keep plugging the identity leaks and above all keep working on yourself.