Create a Better Future for Others 04: Teach People to Dream

You're Teaching me to Dream Again | His Name, His Renown

We are in the middle of a series on how to make a better future for others. In the first post, I outlined six things that every leader needs to get involved in to help others have a better future. In the second post, I said we need to first take care of ourselves, and in the last post, I talked about unleashing the dreams inside others.

Today, I want to show you how to teach others to dream. This is essential for building a better future for people – you have not just to urge them to dream, but teach them how to dream. People in our world do not know how to dream, they do not know how to use their imagination. Many Christians are still nervous to use their imaginations.

Whenever we counsel people, teach people, pastor people we must help them use their imagination better. Dealing with a poor person, teach them how to dream of having stuff. Dealing with a sick person, teach them to dream of being healed. (Want a bigger church? Dream!)

How Can We Teach People to Dream?

This is what we need to teach people so they can dream big and walk in their dreams:

  • Do Not Stop Dreaming until You are Filled with Joy. If your dreams do not fill you with joy, you are not dreaming enough. If you are not more excited by your dreams than you are depressed by your circumstances, you are spending too much time thinking about your circumstances and far far too little time dreaming. Do not be afraid to tell people to dream more.
  • Replay your dreams daily. This has to become something you do daily to make it work. You eat daily, you sleep daily, you should be praying and reading your Bible daily. For dreaming to work it must be daily – your circumstances assault your mind daily, you need to force your mind to see new, positive images daily.
  • Every Sense Should be Used in Your Dreaming. What can you see? What can you hear? What does your new car smell like? What does being able to move freely look like? Be aggressive in making your dreams as vivid as possible.
  • Act like the dream will come to pass. You must start adding some works to your faith. Act like your dream is so, rejoice like it is so, give like it is so, love like it is so.
  • Make Your Dreams as Specific as Possible. Dreaming of preaching to hundreds and thousands of people? Where in the world? What venue? Dream as specific as possible. Dreaming of a new car? What kind of car? Teach people to dream specific dreams.

Train your people to dream. That is essential to help your people have a glorious future.

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