Ways to Show Honour 06 Ways to Show Dishonour

If you want to dishonour someone here is how: Don’t be there. I drove a six hour round trip before the lockdown to celebrate thirty years of ministry of one of my fathers in the faith. To not be there would be a mark of dishonour. If you want to dishonour Gates of the CityContinue reading “Ways to Show Honour 06 Ways to Show Dishonour”

Ways to Show Honour 05 Money

This final way of showing honour will change your life forever. You show someone else honour by honouring them with your substance. Proverbs 3.9 says “honour the Lord with your substance”. Now, you need to read post 1 and find out that you cannot do this if you do not honour with your attitude. ButContinue reading “Ways to Show Honour 05 Money”

Ways to Show Honour 04 Recognize

One of the key ways to honour someone is to be aware of them and pay attention to them! Conversely, one of the ways you can recognize or show dishonour is to disregard or ignore someone, to neglect them. If a pastor from another church takes the time to travel and visit one of ourContinue reading “Ways to Show Honour 04 Recognize”

Ways to Show Honour 01 Attitude

Jesus was going around the nation of Israel healing the sick. Everywhere He went thousands and thousands of people were healed and transformed. People loved him, they received divine truth, their lives were changed. They honoured Jesus and the anointing on Him flowed to them. How you honour someone depends how well your life goes.Continue reading “Ways to Show Honour 01 Attitude”