Spiritual Fathers 05: The Father of Sin

Sometimes someone will introduce you to evils.  Some of you would never have known the evil, wicked, selfish things that you know about if someone else hadn’t brought that to birth in you!  Some people have baptized others into sin, selfishness, gossip, criticism, fornication, adultery and lying. Beware of these people.  Do not take onContinue reading “Spiritual Fathers 05: The Father of Sin”

Spiritual Fathers 04: The Relay of Fathers

For though ye have ten thousands instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel  (1 Cor. 4.15) When it comes to physical fathers, you get one and that’s that.  So when it comes to spiritual fathers it can be expected that the processContinue reading “Spiritual Fathers 04: The Relay of Fathers”

Getting Punched By Rocky – And Still Standing!

I was about to send this out as an email to my pastors, as it is something I think all of us have been through even in the short space we have been in 2016.  And it’s not something that is nice to handle, it feels bad and it hurts, but we have to keepContinue reading “Getting Punched By Rocky – And Still Standing!”

Spiritual Fathers 03: Spiritual Fathers Come From God

In your life, God will send a number of fathers to you into your life.  Now there is a divine principle that is keyed into the fabric of the universe.  It is so powerful it found its way into the Ten Commandments, and is quoted by Paul in the New Covenant: Honour thy father andContinue reading “Spiritual Fathers 03: Spiritual Fathers Come From God”

Spiritual Fathers 02: Call No Man Father

When you talk about spiritual fathers a lot of people go straight to the Scripture where it says “call no man father”.  But like a lot of Christians people do not read the Scripture in context! Who was speaking and said “call no man father”?  It was Jesus. Who was he speaking to?  His 12Continue reading “Spiritual Fathers 02: Call No Man Father”