Spiritual Fathers 02: Call No Man Father

When you talk about spiritual fathers a lot of people go straight to the Scripture where it says “call no man father”.  But like a lot of Christians people do not read the Scripture in context!

Who was speaking and said “call no man father”?  It was Jesus.

Who was he speaking to?  His 12 disciples who had spent 3 years with him.

There comes a point in your Christian life where you don’t have a spiritual father, where you don’t fit into the denominational system, where you are pioneering something new and amazing.  There are some people who are experienced apostles, leaders and church planters.

People like that Jesus speaks to and says “Call no man father!”  It was a sad day in my life when Dave Duell took a trip to heaven and decided not to come back.  He was one of my three spiritual fathers, a man who shaped me and loved me and cared for me.  He was there for me in my darkest hour.  When other ministers believed lies about me, he always believed the best for me and in me.  He was truly a spiritual father.  He came to our church whenever he could, and wanted nothing in return other than to love us.

Eventually, my other two spiritual fathers will take the same trip, and I hope you understand when I say hopefully before me.  At that time, I won’t be looking for new spiritual fathers, I will fully be one.  I will call no man father!

But until that day, I will call some people father.  The scholars estimate Timothy was the senior pastor of a church of 100000 people.  Yet, he had Paul as his spiritual father and knew Paul as his father in the faith.  If that’s good enough for Timmy, it’s good enough for me!

I have 10000 instructors, but few fathers.  But I am so glad I have those fathers, they have made me a better better person.  And I wouldn’t give up on those fathers because a few independent, rebellious, selfish, uncorrectable people make up a false doctrine based on a verse out of context to avoid becoming part of something bigger than themselves.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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