Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From Jeremy Clarkson

jeremy clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson – leadership lessons we can learn

1. Your gift and talent is what brings you promotion and success.

2. A lack of restraint will cost you what your gifting will bring you.

3. A loyal group of people who perceive you as being loyal to them, and being their voice in life will delay that loss, but not indefinitely.

4. Never believe your own press reports – you are only a success as part of a team and treat your team as precious or you will lose your success.

5. You will get a second chance to bounce back. But it will be hard work.

6. There are some behaviours which can negate a million signatures of support.

7. Never make decisions hungry.

Pastors and Elders XIII: The Requirements for an Elder (part X)

The next requirement for an elder, as given in 1 Tim. 3.3, is “not given to filthy lucre”.  Lucre is any money gained through religious manipulation.  To be honest, it’s a lot easier for a pastor to do this and fall for this than an elder, and I am sure you have heard horror stories of churches raising money through fear and guilt.  But it can happen in a Living Church (home group, house group) with an elder (house group leader).

If the elder leads prayer times with “hey, let’s all pray for me, I need £300 to get a new washing machine” that sort of thing can put pressure on younger Christians to take care of that need.  It should also go without saying that elders should not ask for money from people in their groups!   Another issue that sometimes happens is someone, especially with some of the pyramid schemes, will use their Living Church to sell product – do not do that!  The Living Church is for meeting, magnifying, message and ministry – it is not for make up and mumbo jumbo and so on!  Keep your business and Living Church separate!

Listen – if you become an elder for a short cut to riches, you have made the wrong choice!  In fact, you might be worse off (certainly printer ink becomes a new ongoing expense!).  We become elders to serve and love people, to make disciples and to invest our lives in the kingdom.  We look to God for financial increase, not our role in the church!