Spiritual Fathers 04: The Relay of Fathers

For though ye have ten thousands instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel  (1 Cor. 4.15)

When it comes to physical fathers, you get one and that’s that.  So when it comes to spiritual fathers it can be expected that the process is the same, but often it is not.  Often there is a relay of fathers.  My first spiritual fathers: the person who led me to the Lord, the person who got me baptized in the Holy Spirit, the person who taught me how to share my faith – I don’t see any of them anymore.  We have just grown apart.  For a season they were a loud, significant voice in my life, now they are not.

God’s will and plan is that your first spiritual father is your physical father.  But often your physical father, even if he is a great dad, cannot lead you forward spiritually and disciple you to be the man of God you dream of being.  In a way, there is a relay of spiritual fathers, passing the baton of your life and ministry along from one to the other.  God always has someone to father you if you want it!

Often one of the early fathers in the relay is your pastor.  And you have to recognize if that is the case.  Out of the 10000 teachers in your life, you have to discern which 2 or 3 are the fathers!  Which ones care for all of you, which ministry has a wide range reach on your life that seems spookily accurate?  Which ministry seems to be reading your emails?  Which ministry brings love and compassion to your heart and your dreams?

Here are some people who might be your spiritual father for part of the relay:

  • The person who led you to the Lord!
  • The person who got you baptised in the Holy Spirit
  • The person who taught you about the integrity of God’s Word
  • The person who birthed you into ministry
  • The father of your church
    • The father of a church is the person who brought that church into existence.
  • The father of your movement/ denomination
    • You have to realize the people who birth a movement are special.  Sons might do more ministry but are still not the fathers.
    • Kenneth Hagin is seen as the father of the faith movement for example.
    • I love great healing evangelists and great pastors, but I love the fathers more

Moses fathered Joshua.  Joshua did a better job than Moses and took the Israelites where Moses could not.  Elijah fathered Elisha, and Elisha did far, far more miracles than Elijah.  But Joshua and Elisha had no successors – they were greater ministries, but they weren’t fathers!

But when Jesus appeared on the mount of transfiguration, He didn’t appear with Joshua and Elisha.  He appeared with Moses and Elijah.  Fathers are special to Jesus!

Don’t think because your ministry is greater than someone that you are a greater than your father!  All you have done as a son and daughter is build on the foundation of a father, and honour your father – it will bring life.





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