DOs and DON’Ts for travelling speakers!

DO SAY “This church is lovely, I enjoyed the worship and the choir, your pastor is a great guy, thanks for inviting me” DON’T SAY “My youth choir is bigger than your entire church! What are you doing?” DO SAY “You have a great pastor in this church, you should commit to this church” DON’TContinue reading “DOs and DON’Ts for travelling speakers!”

7 Ways to Enjoy Church More!

  Bring Your Bible!  Then you can read what is being read from and ensure it is in your Bible.  It helps you learn and grow. Say “amen” and encourage your preacher – in appropriate moments! Participate in the worship, don’t spectate!  Lift your hands, clap and shout.  Dance! Arrive on time! Leave late.  HaveContinue reading “7 Ways to Enjoy Church More!”

Leadership Lessons from David 04: Stick With What You Know!

One of the most powerful lessons in David’s history is when he was face to face with King Saul discussing David going to fight Goliath. Saul wants David to go fight in his armour, and David refuses saying: I cannot go with these, I haven’t tested them – 1 Sam. 17.38 This is a greatContinue reading “Leadership Lessons from David 04: Stick With What You Know!”