Old Golfers Never Win!


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It’s a known rule of thumb that old golfers never win. And it’s borne out over time with statistics and so on. It’s not a rule that can never be broken, but it is amazing how often it is the young golfer that wins.

Now that doesn’t make sense does it? Surely the winner should be tbe golfer who has putted more, chipped more, knows the course better, has more experience. We are not talking about old golfers so old they can’t move the ball across the fairway!

So why does the younger golfer win?  What makes him take a stroke or two less than the older golfer?

The simple answer is inexperience. The older golfer knows the shot is difficult, knows what could go wrong if he takes the chance, and it makes him careful, cautious – it makes him play it safe. And the younger man who doesn’t have the experience has a go, and more often than not makes it. And overall, wins the game.

The younger player is ignorant of the dangers, or is just simply reckless and wild. That is why he wins.

What to win? Be more child-like. Take the shot, play the game, take the chances.

DOs and DON’Ts for travelling speakers!

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DO SAY “This church is lovely, I enjoyed the worship and the choir, your pastor is a great guy, thanks for inviting me”

DON’T SAY “My youth choir is bigger than your entire church! What are you doing?”

DO SAY “You have a great pastor in this church, you should commit to this church”

DON’T SAY “I am about to call your pastor out and prophesy over him”, because the subtext is “I am a great man of God, I am superior to your pastor”. Now, if you are the head of the network, or a spiritual father to the pastor, that’s different.

DO SAY “Thanks for having me”

DON’T SAY “I look forward to you all inviting me back”

DO SAY (in private to the pastor) “My airfare was £X, my travel was £X”

DON’T SAY “Time for me to receive my own offering everyone, dig deep!”

DO SAY “Your church has a conference coming up, you should go, it will be good”

DON’T SAY “My church has a conference coming up, you should go, it will be good”

DO SAY “Your church has a Bible College, that’s a good idea if you want to get to know the Word more”

DON’T SAY “My church has a Bible College that’s a good idea if you want to get to know the Word more”

DO SAY “I really appreciate being here today”

DON’T SAY “It’s a good thing I am here, you need me”

DO SAY “I’m off home now”

DON’T SAY “I’m planting a church across the road, you are all welcome this Sunday”

DO SAY “Let me encourage you with Word”

DON’T SAY “Let me correct you with the Word”

DO SAY “I can’t wait to invite your pastor to minister for me soon”

DON’T SAY “I can’t wait for your pastor to invite me again soon”


7 Ways to Enjoy Church More!


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  1. Bring Your Bible!  Then you can read what is being read from and ensure it is in your Bible.  It helps you learn and grow.
  2. Say “amen” and encourage your preacher – in appropriate moments!
  3. Participate in the worship, don’t spectate!  Lift your hands, clap and shout.  Dance!
  4. Arrive on time!
  5. Leave late.  Have a cup of tea,  chat to people, make some friends.  Take someone back to your house for lunch.
  6. Be aware of new people. Help them find their feet, answer their questions, love them!
  7. Say thanks to your pastor afterwards – it really does make a difference, I promise!

Leadership Lessons from David 04: Stick With What You Know!

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One of the most powerful lessons in David’s history is when he was face to face with King Saul discussing David going to fight Goliath. Saul wants David to go fight in his armour, and David refuses saying:

I cannot go with these, I haven’t tested them – 1 Sam. 17.38

This is a great leadership principle – don’t go with what you haven’t tested already! It’s amazing how many leaders will appoint a new, shiny external candidate and ignore the tried and tested people they have who have already proved their loyalty and wisdom over and over and over. I’ve had people storm out of the church because their degree or background was worth less to me than the loyalty and the faithfulness of the person I promoted over them. Their reaction verified my decision!

I made a decision a while back I will never appoint a pastor externally – if you can’t be with the Tree of Life and be fed, you don’t get to join the feeding team. That way we test people before we rely on them!

  • Don’t rely on a pastor you haven’t tested. It’s amazing how many people have left churches with pastors they know and know well, and gone off to end up nothing and nowhere. That’s bizarre behaviour, and it means you will lose a fight or two! If David hadn’t been able to say “I’m only off to war with what I know” Goliath would have knocked him too the moon!
  • Don’t enter business with people you haven’t tested. Again, this is more common in church because we don’t act wise sometimes. As Jesus said the children of the world can be wiser than us, especially where money is concerned, and the world knows that a fool and his cash are easily parted. Don’t do it. Test people – look for their track record. Don’t enter business into a field where you haven’t proven it works.
  • Don’t marry someone you haven’t tested. Men – I am talking to you. You act all Christian and wise, then some girl blinks at you, and you don’t care about who she has been with, her past record, her prayer life, it all goes out the window. Don’t be a fool!  A mysterious personality should not be attractive to you – it should be a warning sign. Take the time to find out!

I am very much like David in this regard. I want to know if what I am being taught and the tools I am being given work. When someone tells me how to pastor my church I want to see their church first, or what they are saying is just theory.  When their church is twenty sad people, I don’t want their advice. When one of my sons is being taught “this is how you take a funeral service”, and the advice to me didn’t make any sense, I said to him “how many funerals has the teacher done” – or the advice isn’t tested.

When another son was being taught to live in a council house for the rest of his life at uni, I told him “did you ask the person teaching this where they lived?”.  You have to test things. When someone tells me that, as they did today, that the Christian life is best lived going to 3 or 4 conferences a year and not going to local church on a weekly basis, I wanted to ask a few questions about his marriage and his children and his peace of mind because I wanted to see if this was tested.

Listen – this sounds a little facetious, but this is serious. Entering into business, your spiritual life, who you marry – all of these are vitally important things. And all of these things have giants in the way!  Huge ugly ferocious giants. And if you are serious about beating these Goliaths, please do not go out and fight them in a way you haven’t tested. I don’t want you to be smooshed into paste, I want you to win. Learn this lesson!