Old Golfers Never Win!


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It’s a known rule of thumb that old golfers never win. And it’s borne out over time with statistics and so on. It’s not a rule that can never be broken, but it is amazing how often it is the young golfer that wins.

Now that doesn’t make sense does it? Surely the winner should be tbe golfer who has putted more, chipped more, knows the course better, has more experience. We are not talking about old golfers so old they can’t move the ball across the fairway!

So why does the younger golfer win?  What makes him take a stroke or two less than the older golfer?

The simple answer is inexperience. The older golfer knows the shot is difficult, knows what could go wrong if he takes the chance, and it makes him careful, cautious – it makes him play it safe. And the younger man who doesn’t have the experience has a go, and more often than not makes it. And overall, wins the game.

The younger player is ignorant of the dangers, or is just simply reckless and wild. That is why he wins.

What to win? Be more child-like. Take the shot, play the game, take the chances.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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