There are Higher Heights!

Hillsong used to have song called “I will never be the same again”.  The refrain was:

There are higher heights, there are deeper seas

Whatever you want to do Lord, do in me

It was a beautiful song and although it’s not been one I’ve sung in a long time, I was thinking about it this morning.  In November, I always start planning and preparing for the New Year and start praying and asking God for wisdom and direction.

I want to lead Tree of Life Dagenham, and the entire network forward into everything God has for it.  I start making a calendar, I check up on the preaching calendar, I look at everyone in leadership and consider whether they are in the best place and how I can develop them in the year.  It’s a great time of preparation and planning.

I am 100% for preparation and planning.  I am all for programmes and for organization.  I believe the Holy Spirit is a planner, the Father is a designer and Jesus is a person who loves order and structure.  I believe you can prove that from the Bible fairly easily.

However, this morning as I have been looking at budgets, planning for “reasonable” growth, and projecting what will happen next year, I just felt God tell me that there are higher heights.  That He is capable and willing to do more than we can ever ask or imagine.  Not that God was saying not to plan, just that He was saying “Hold the Plans loose, because I am about to do something that you can’t plan for because it is beyond your wildest imagination”

This year – plan for the next.  But hold your plans loosely because God wants to do something you can’t plan for, because you can’t even imagine it.  Something so good that only He could get the glory.

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One thought on “There are Higher Heights!

  1. So good. I’ve had a similar word from God lately. He is taking me to higher heights! I am so grateful this is going to happen while being with my community, my church!

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