Wisdom for Your Finances

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  • All of us make mistakes, the best of us learn from them!
  • You have to pursue what you want to own!
  • You earn not based on your uniformity, but on your uniqueness!
  • You cannot be promoted until you are doing something better than average!
  • What you have in your hand is enough to succeed in life if you are only prepared to sow it!

How to Be Promoted 01: Be Faithful in Natural Things

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One of the things you need to know is that you are destined for greatness.  The Lord Jesus Christ in His awesome wisdom has invited you to co-rule this planet with Him! So that means you need a promotion! Thankfully, throughout the Scripture, God has revealed several keys that will lead you to promotion.

One of the greatest keys is to be faithful in natural things. It is my experience that many Christians find out about all their awesome spiritual blessings, and how highly they are called and how deeply they are loved, but they then find it difficult to relate this to their boring, mundane, “normal” lives. You do know that the Holy Spirit doesn’t want you to move into the Lake District, avoid all people ever, and just listen to the Bible all day and tapes of Andrew Wommack and Kenneth Copeland!

The whole purpose of our life in Jesus is to share that life in our life, in our world – in our family, in our workplace, in our schools and so on and so forth.

God has, by grace that you don’t deserve, given you the power to be obedient in no matter what situation you are in, no matter how normal, how mundane, how natural.

What you need to work on to be promoted is the basics of character – integrity, honour, loyalty, honesty. We need to be told to put these things first – we need to realize that this is the power of God at the first level, the level that changes the mundane.

Jesus said if you want to be trusted with great things you have to be faithful in small things.  In your work, in your church, in your life are you faithful with small things?

  • Are you punctual?
  • Are you kind with your words?
  • Do you do what you are told to do?
  • Can you work without supervision?

Start putting these principles into every area of your life and promotion will come.