What I Would Do If I Was an Assistant Pastor

I have been a youth pastor, an associate pastor and an assistant pastor, I have been a youth leader, Sunday School Director, usher, Sunday School teacher – I have done every volunteer and paid position in the church. Now I am the head of a network of five churches and have some great lead pastorsContinue reading “What I Would Do If I Was an Assistant Pastor”

The Power of a Landmark (part 2 – Landmark Seasons)

Last week, we discussed landmark people and that some people who have been in your life and lifted it should never be forgotten. Another thing that must not be forgotten is landmark seasons in your life.  All throughout Scripture, God has insisted His people remember certain events: Three times a year you shall celebrate a feastContinue reading “The Power of a Landmark (part 2 – Landmark Seasons)”

The Power of a Landmark (Part 1 – What Are You On About?)

Remove not the ancient landmark, which Thy fathers have set – Proverbs 22.28 In your life you will have landmarks.  You will have already encountered some, and will no doubt encounter more.  All leaders, to be good leaders, need to recognize and highlight landmarks in their journey and in the journey of others. One ofContinue reading “The Power of a Landmark (Part 1 – What Are You On About?)”

There Are 50 Ways to Leave Your Church (part 2 Don’t Leave Offended)

In our first post in this series (which can be found here), I shared about good and bad reasons to leave a local church.  In that post, I quoted the pastor’s pastor, Bob Yandian, as saying most people leave churches offended.  From my own experience and discussions with many other church leaders that is mostContinue reading “There Are 50 Ways to Leave Your Church (part 2 Don’t Leave Offended)”

Blast from the Past – Dealing With Backstabbers!

https://benjaminconway.net/2013/11/20/loyalty-8-signs-of-disloyalty-5-the-backstab/ I originally posted this two years ago – it is from November 2013.  It is still just as relevant and helpful to all pastors and leaders as it was then. If you are in a situation where you are being backstabbed, talk about it – maybe we can help.   That’s what the commentContinue reading “Blast from the Past – Dealing With Backstabbers!”