A Dream!

I am not ashamed of the gospel.  I am not ashamed of the truth of the gospel.  I am not ashamed of what I do.

I’m not a success coach or life coach, though I value those people and I will bring success to your life. 

I am not a TV evangelist although I am on TV and believe we need many more people who understand grace and faith on TV, and I will be expanding our TV ministry.

I am not a hireling.  You won’t see me flutter off to the US because the money is better there or the moral standard for preachers is more lax there.  Though I love America with all my heart.

I am not a compromiser.  You won’t see me living on a different continent to my wife for decades claiming it is God’s will.  Nor will I take out a super injunction against my wife to hide a life of deceit.  My first wife is my last wife, for better or worse. 

I am not interested in the obsessions of the charismatic media.  I will not get a guest speaker just because they are cool or will drag a crowd.a long, but I only invite people to the Tree who I genuinely believe will inspire and challenge you.

I’m not interested in the latest Christian worship song, I am interested in the songs that build you up and encourage you. 

Our services are not rock concerts and they are not seeker friendly, that are Spirit led and crafted to set you free.

Tree of Life is not a concert, not a performance, not a show, not an attempt to be cool.  It is a church, an assembly of believers gathered in love for love.

I am not a motivational speaker, though I will motivate you.  I am not a star or celebrity, and I won’t let you call me Pastor like a title.

I am an apostle.  I am a pastor.  It isn’t my title, it is my job.  I am here to equip you to minister, to set you free from captivity, to inspire you to dream big and to challenge you to live the dream.

I am going to plant a network of churches over Europe so no one has to drive more than one-hour to reach a Tree of Life Church.  I am going to disciple a million people in the UK and help them be the best Christian they ever could be, beyond all they can ask or imagine.  I am going to train and raise up a thousand pastors who fear no one but God, hate nothing but sin and who dream huge dreams.

I will pastor Tree of Life Dagenham and it will be a model church for all of Europe, we will build a headquarters in Dagenham that will be training and loving people all over the world.   Our preaching and music will cover the globe.  Already there isn’t a moment where someone isn’t listening to me preach somewhere in the world.  The music ministry and song writing of our church is already sublime, but you haven’t seen nothing yet.

We will get a building in Dagenham that is ours 24-7 where we will pastor London, teach Europe and reach the world.

We will be a church full of the Word, full of the Spirit, full of the nations and full of love.  You can choose to be part of it, or you can sit on the sidelines and throw stones, either way it will happen.

Published by Tree of Life Church

We are a growing network of growing churches, with services weekly in Dagenham, Guildford, Watford, Croydon, Brentwood and Dorset. We are also planting churches in Cambridge, Suffolk, West Midlands and Hemel. Find out more at www.tree.church, www.tree.church/youtube and www.tree.church/app.

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