Character for Leaders 02 There is No Victory Without Character

So many people think a win is measured in numbers and finances! Now we love more people coming to Tree of Life because we know we disciple them. We love having more money because we spend it on advancing the kingdom. But all the people and money in the world won’t matter if we do not have character. The best preacher in the world is not in victory if he lacks character. We have seen people lose their ministry if they have no character.

Now I don’t know about you – but I hate losing. I want to win – and if the only way to win is through character – then I am working on character.

You cannot succeed in ministry, in business, in family, in life, in media without character. A lack of character is like building a building with no foundation, it might look beautiful with all those short-cuts you have taken but it will fall down eventually, and probably sooner than you think.

It is a lie that the good guys finish last – immorality is a costly thing to invest in, it will cost you. If you choose not to invest in character, you will lose everything else. It’s that simple.

Some people – even pastors and travelling ministers – think that they can succeed anyway possible, by hook or by crook. I have seen terrible behaviour from some guest speakers. I got a phone call the other day threatening me with judgment if I did not let someone preach in our church. That doesn’t work with me. And these people will fail.

The thing you need to realize and understand and appreciate is this: if you have to make the choice for character and it looks like a losing choice, you will in fact win. If you make a choice to take a short-cut because it looks like a winning choice – you will lose.


Published by Tree of Life Church

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