The Power of a Landmark (part 2 – Landmark Seasons)

Last week, we discussed landmark people and that some people who have been in your life and lifted it should never be forgotten.

Another thing that must not be forgotten is landmark seasons in your life.  All throughout Scripture, God has insisted His people remember certain events:

Three times a year you shall celebrate a feast to Me   – Exodus 23.14

God ordained that every year the Jewish nation had to remember their exodus from Egypt, had to remember the giving of the Law and had to remember the time they spent in the wilderness.

There are events and moments and seasons in your life you should always remember and you should put on the calendar and schedule time to remember.  The times in which God delivers you supernaturally you should always remember.  I will never forget Saturday December 5th 1993, that was the night I started to speak in tongues and prophesied over people for the first time.   Before that I was a Baptist boy who wanted to believe in the gifts and power of the Spirit, but dare not in case I ended up cursing God in Chinese (that was actually said!).

Now I use the gifts daily, I pray in tongues every day, prophecy has saved my life on a number of occasions and I have lost track of how many people I have seen healed.  That evening changed my life and I will not fail to celebrate it.

You need to think back on your life.  God has delivered you, God has increased you, God has helped you.  Remember these things – put them in front your mind, set aside a time on the calendar and remember them.  Spend time thanking God for your landmark events.

Next week, we will conclude this by looking at landmark places.



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