Ways to Show Honour 04 Recognize

recognize — Noticed

One of the key ways to honour someone is to be aware of them and pay attention to them! Conversely, one of the ways you can recognize or show dishonour is to disregard or ignore someone, to neglect them. If a pastor from another church takes the time to travel and visit one of our conferences or meetings, it is honorable for us to mention them and mention that they came.

Jesus was dishonoured in his own country. That is a really powerful principle we do not understand that much. He was ignored in His own country, they thought they knew about Him and they didn’t, I experience that, often people in the UK think they know how pitiful UK ministers are. No, they are judging me by their standards. If they realized the anointing on my life we would have some amazing miracles in their meetings. If you do not recognize someone, you do not notice them then you do not honour them. If you think they are just a carpenter and do not realize they are a pastor, you will miss out.

To dishonour someone is to fail to recognize what they have done in their lives, to fail to realize what they are carrying, to fail to appreciate who they are and what they are called to do. It is hard to have to self-promote why people should listen to you! It’s hard to deal with the dishonour of failing to recognize!

When dad comes home from work and mum and all the children do not even stop looking at their phones, that is a lack of honour! When couples walk around the house ignoring each other, there is a lack of honour! When the boss, the pastor, someone in a position of honour, is ignored there is no honour.

We have to learn how to recognize people. Say “hey I am glad you are here!”. Now we are online we often have other pastors join our services, especially those from other time zones. If I notice they are online, I always recognize them and publicly recognize them, which is a form of honour. They have honoured me by choosing to invest their precious time and have not just themselves but their entire ministry influenced by what I am teaching, so I should honour them!

Another way to recognize people, which can come across as a bit patronizing if you do not think it through, is to reward them in some way. Public praise, buying someone a gift, making the room applaud someone. Those are all ways of recognizing people and therefore honouring them!

If you want to honour a minister and you are a minister, the easiest way to do that is invite them to speak. When you are asked to speak at another church or ministry, that is a clear sign of honour.

Listen – if you go somewhere as a minister and you are never mentioned you are not recognized, when public acknowledgement of your presence is not made, you are not recognized. I know one ministry where they will only recognize I am there if certain other people are in the room to impress them, they will not do it just because I am there. They do not honour me. That’s fine, that’s their choice, but it is useful to know that in planning how I spend my time and where I give my money!

Honour is done through recognition. Selah.

This should help you both honour others and realize where you are not being honoured. If you are not honoured somewhere, you will have the same day Jesus did in Nazareth – unable to do any mighty work!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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