Kings or Politicians 05: A Handy Dictionary

One of the things you must get used to when you are reigning as a king is being called names by the fruitless politicians who cannot deal with your authority.

I thought I would provide a handy dictionary to help you translate what people mean when they call you names:

  • You are offending me – the truth offends me, but I cannot say that out loud, people will realize how immature I am
  • You are harsh, abrasive, rude, uncouth, undiplomatic or unpastoral – I am really annoyed I can’t control you
  • You are not accountable to anyone – you are not accountable to me
  • You should think before you speak – you should think about how it affects me personally, and not the kingdom of God
  • I thought you were supposed to be a pastor – I don’t know a single thing about being a pastor, and I don’t know a single Scripture about pastoring, but you are supposed to do what I want
  • I thought this was supposed to be a grace church – I thought you were supposed to be doing what I want all the time
  • I feel my advice could help you here – Here is a nice suit of armour, David…
  • How dare you say xxx? – I can clearly see you never said that, but arguing with what you did say is too hard, so I will change what you said to suit my argument.

These are all simple politician tricks to make you feel bad about being fruitful and bring you down to their fears and neuroses about what people think of them.

Keep looking for the next post, it’s a big one, about how the statesman Moses could not get the people into the promised land, but the warrior Joshua could. It will sort out this all warriors need to become statesmen nonsense some are saying.

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