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On Sunday after church, my family is flying off to Sweden, a place I haven’t been for ten years.  I have realized in the past few weeks that I definitely need a holiday, a rest. Some days I work 14 hours, and my children in addition to excelling in education all help with the church.  Even this second, my wife is organizing gift baskets for people, and I have just been on the phone to KCM organizing our Healing Without Walls Conference with Riley Stephenson.

Now everything God has ever designed has margins of rest. He makes a man, the most complex machine ever seen, and this man has to spend one third of his time asleep, non-functioning, resting. God rested one day in seven, and the Israelites were given three weeks of rest in the year, and a whole year off every one in seven!  That’s being serious about rest.

I must admit, I struggle to rest sometimes, I am a driven person. I want to help the world, I want to walk in my dreams, I want to walk in love, I want to help everyone. But to do that I have to rest.

Rest is part of the feelgood factor in life.  Sometimes at the end of a long day, my emotions start to play tricks on me, I get a little paranoid. That is a sign I need to sleep and rest. I wake up in the morning and my emotions are no longer above me.  Physical rest is part of your discipleship.

So I won’t be blogging next week, I won’t be around. I will be resting. And looking forward to it.




Make sure you plan rest into your day, your week, your year and your decade!  It’s part of feeling good.  Let me know below what you do to relax and rest…

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