Paying People Less than the Market Rate

It’s not a problem for a ministry or church to pay people less than market rates who want to work for them. It’s not a sin. As long as three conditions are in place:

1. The person realizes that is the case before he enters the situation. You must be upfront with people. You cannot be dishonest.

2. You value the person appropriately and realize that they are making a sacrifice to help serve your dream. You don’t ignore that or take it lightly or for granted. This will show in the way you talk to people, in the way you deal with people’s requests for family time, holiday time, etc. It will show and people will know.

3. You lead by example. People are willing to sacrifice for the mission if they see you are making a sacrifice for the mission. If you are driving in with a brand new Bentley when they are struggling to pay the bills, and they know they are underpaid, resentment will kick in.

People are prepared to take less salary to work for a mission because the joy of fulfilling the mission is worth more than any monetary reward – just make sure they feel like mission partners and not cheap exploited labour.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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