Leadership Lessons from Arthur Meintjes


Last weekend we had the joy of hosting Arthur and Cathy Meintjes from Kingdom Life Ministries.  Arthur is now the most prolific guest speaker at Tree of Life Church, and the whole network of churches is better off because of it.  And this Sunday he brought a powerful message on the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Some people may remember Arthur spoke at our first ever Gates of the City conference and has a lot to say about leadership.  Here are some lessons I have learned from him this weekend:

  1. Leadership should always be in the wisdom of the Spirit.  We should never use fear or guilt to get people to do what we want.
  2. We need to enable people to distinguish between what the Lord demands and what we demand.  When people are serving in local church, it doesn’t earn them salvation or spirituality or brownie points with God.  When we as pastors and leaders ask people to do things a certain way, it’s not to get right with God, it’s because we as the leaders of the organization want it done that way.  There is nothing wrong with doing things a particular way, and nothing wrong with strong leadership, but never let the people think it is to please and impress God.
  3. When people walk out of your life for petty reasons, “don’t let the door hit them on the way out”.  Life is too short for silliness, we have to get on with the kingdom work.
  4. God wants to talk to everyone themselves.  Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection was for the purpose that the Spirit could be poured out on all flesh so that all flesh can hear and follow the leading of the Spirit.  We must encourage people not to see us as great men of God or oracles and prophets, but encourage them to be led by the Spirit and learn to hear His voice for themselves.
  5. Generosity should be part of our leadership.  If we cannot start at 10% and give what was demanded under law, we need to ask why are we not able to start there?  The idea that grace means we do not have to give and give generously is alien to the New Covenant.
  6. Be human!  So many people are trying to not be human, and be some sort of angel when God made man and was happy to make man.  It’s not just ok to be human, it’s awesome.  Be yourself and be a human being.
  7. Be practical.  It’s ok to dream big and it’s ok to have a big dream (you better believe that Tree of Life people!) but you have to be practical.  You have to make plans and think things through.  Before you go to war, count the cost.


Published by Tree of Life Church

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