Leadership Lessons from Marie Helene Moulin

We have just had the greatest leadership conference we have ever had.  It was so glorious, so free in the Spirit, and I have never had so many testimonies from a single conference ever.  If you want to listen to the conference, you can go to www.gatesofthecity.net and have a good listen to all the sessions which are online and absolutely free.

Our keynote speaker was Marie Helene Moulin from Good News Church in Nice, France.  She had a great deal of wisdom to share with us, so here is some that I have distilled for you:

5. Beware of loneliness.  Paul had his Timothy, everyone had someone in the New Covenant.  People had other ministers around them.  You need other ministers around you to keep you balanced and helped and sharp and on fire.

4. Some people will mistreat you and misunderstand you.  They misunderstood Jesus, they misunderstood Paul, and they will misunderstand you.  It’s how you react when this happens that defines you, not that it happens.  It happens to any strong ministry.

3. Learn to flow with the Spirit.  The Spirit of God will lead you to do things that might not seem normal or proper, but they will bring victory and life to people.  Marie ministered with a great freedom in the Spirit, and her ability to be humble and listen to him and let Him lead was something very special.

2. Never ever compromise the truth.  Marie preached on Sunday morning on how we cannot sit on the fence.   We have to live right and think right so we can change the world. Many Christians use grace as an excuse to live in the grey, but Marie preached powerfully on the need to live right and line up with the Word.

1. You need a company.  The Bible tells us to “taste and see the Lord is good”.  You cannot taste food via TV.  There are many many cookery shows, and they can all be inspiring and helpful but none of them will ever allow you to experience the taste of food.  The parallel is this: you can watch preachers on TV and there are a lot of good preachers on TV and on the internet, but there is nothing at all that can ever take the place of having a local church and being in the local church.  You cannot be properly fed outside of the local church.  The virtual world is not the real world.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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