Halal (1 of 7)

This word is one of the seven Hebrew words for praise.  It has three meanings:

  • To shine clearly
  • To dance with passion
  • To be outrageously foolish

Shining refers to us being happy about God and happy with God.  The word “Hallelujah” comes from this root – to be happy with Jah (short for Jehovah – God).  We should be happy when we praise God – thankful and pleased.

Dancing with passion is not forbidden in the church, it’s encouraged by the Scriptures.  God loves us dancing for him.  It doesn’t mean to dance with skill, but with passion.

Outrageously foolish could cover a lot of things (!) but the focus here is being foolish in love with God.  David danced with all his might – others might have thought he looked foolish, but he wasn’t dancing for them!  What would it take for you to be considered foolish today?

Published by Tree of Life Church

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