Lies That Stop the Harvest 02: The Dream-Prosperity Connection

Last week I started a series on lies that steal the harvest, part 1 is found here.

You are a leader.  Your job as a leader has a number of different facets, but all good leaders must help the people who follow them to dream big dreams.  One of the areas in which we must give people the words that enable them to dream big dreams is in the area of finances, by the way we act, the way we talk and the way we lead.

For example, a few years ago I started talking to people in our church that many of the Israelites as they entered the promised land were multiple home owners.  They had houses.  I started telling people that it was fine to own multiple homes, fine to have a property portfolio.  At that time, no one in our church owned their own house.  Now several people have more than one house.

So many people (in churches especially) consider surviving success!  If they just make it through the month they have done great. They have no long term plans, they don’t dream for themselves or for anyone else. The idea of building an orphanage is not in their brain. The idea of buying a car for someone else will never enter their mind. The idea of houses will not be there. Our job is to put these ideas into people by speaking about them – our words paint pictures. Many people couldn’t even imagine saving to have a college fund for their children!

Life should not be “one day at a time, sweet Jesus”, it should be planned for. To live the special life, you have to dream special dreams.

You need to knock the apathy out of your people, you need to paint a picture of hungry people needing feed, of millions of believers in China who need Bible schools and churches, of the vision you have for the church. Give people dreams. Dreaming and prosperity are tied because indifference leads to mediocrity.

Oral Roberts said that the most dangerous days of your life are the days you don’t have a need. Self-sufficiency will stop dreaming and choke your prosperity. It will stop you pushing to use your faith to change the world.

A lack of dream always causes a lack of resources. A big dream always brings in the necessary resources. Please encourage your people to dream big, to see big, to see themselves as the head and not the tail and to dream accordingly.

And if the dream isn’t so big, it needs God – it’s not a God-given dream!

God wants you to grow and all the people around you to grow. Let’s not be the guy who buries his talent in the ground and fail to multiply.

Help your people dream so big, every ounce of faith inside them is woken up and needed to bring that dream to pass.

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