Lies That Stop the Harvest 05: Refusing To Deal With A Weakness

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You cannot muck around when it comes to character, it’s that simple. A lot of people do not realize that character and prosperity are linked, but they are. I spoke to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur once, a man so good at making money they asked him to be on Dragon’s Den. He told me he had seen more people fail to make their millions because of character flaws, including adultery, than anything else put together.

I have been a pastor for many years now, and watched many ministries come and go, many pastors come and go, many evangelists start off powerful and extraordinary and end up in a heap of ashes as they divorce their wives, steal money from the church, or some other weakness has eaten away their life, like a wild cancer.

Right now you are reading this blog hoping to prosper, hoping for your church to prosper – and maybe there is a weakness in your life. Maybe right now it is still a little cub, but if you do not stop feeding it, it will become a giant bear that will rip you and your ministry limb from limb! Right now it is cute, you play with it, joke about it, but you cannot muck around when it comes to character.

There is a fight going on right now – for you to win you need to deal with your weakness. Not walking in victory is not fun, it’s sad. You get annoyed and you get off focus. It’s time to deal with our weaknesses so we can prosper and be in health!

We have all sinned, but some sins will tie you to the wrong people. Samson’s problem with women tied him to Delilah and defeat, and a little leaven can easily infect the whole lump until your whole life succumbs to your weakness.

You need to confront this thing now while it is still in its’ infant state. Do not let it grow up. Do not let it take over your life. And how do you fight temptation? With the Word of God. You cannot defeat a weakness of the flesh with philosophy or will power. You need the Word of God.

Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his ways? By taking heed according to Thy Word (Psalm 119.9)

Right now your Father knows what you are struggling with, and He is on your side and wants you to walk in freedom. He remembers that you are just flesh (Ps. 78.39), and He is on your side, and will bring people to you to help you walk in freedom.

However, just as God wants you to walk in freedom and sends encouragers and deliverer to you to bring your mind and thoughts into freedom, satan wants your weakness to grow and sends people who agitate you right at the point of weakness, or worse who befriend you because of your weakness. But you can win!

And minister – man of God – listen to me today – when you win, the nation wins. When David beat Goliath, everyone beat Goliath. When you beat your weakness, your church walks in victory, everything moves forward. You have to starve your weakness to death, which never happens quickly.

Right now your weakness doesn’t like being small, it wants to grow and increase and find expression in your life! So don’t tolerate it another day – make it leave. Take authority over yourself, resist the devil, and submit to God. Grow in strength and resist weakness! Watch out for your weakness because when you let it in, it invites its brothers and sisters round for dinner – David’s adultery opened the door for lies and murder.

So resist the devil, and do not give in to the lusts of the flesh. Walk in love, walk in Christ, walk in righteousness. Resist temptation today and live in victory.

It is one of the keys to the harvest.



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