Lies That Stop the Harvest 10: Ignorance of Good Soil

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Some people do not know the difference between good soil and bad soil. The quality of the soil affects the return from the seed – which is why Jesus never bothered debating the Pharisees and you should not throw your pearls before swine: because they didn’t have a clue what was going on.

You are anointed – if people cannot perceive it, just keep bearing fruit.

But this same Jesus stopped the whole crowd to spend a day with a wicked, traitorous man called Zacchaeus. Why?  Because Jesus took the time to examine the soil and sow into good soil.

Two thieves were crucified next to Jesus, one entered heaven and the other entered hell. Why? One was good soil, and Jesus responded to the good soil. The other just mouthed and yelled hatred, and Jesus backed off.

Jesus taught the importance of observing the quality of the soil you sow into in Mark 4.3-8, explaining that the harvest is produced by good soil.

So, how can you tell what is good soil to give into as a Christian?

  • Good soil is giving. I absolutely refuse to sow into a non-giver as there will never be a return for me.
  • Good soil is productive. I don’t give into the hands of non-workers. Paul was strong on this, he said if you don’t work you are out of order (2 Thess. 3.11), and that we should have nothing to do with them (2 Thess. 3.14) and that they should not eat (2 Thess. 3.10). You are wasting everyone’s time by giving to someone who is not productive. Do not give to someone who will not take work when the doors open for work.
  • Good soil knows about prosperity. I will never give to a church or ministry that is against the prosperity of God.
  • Good soil is teachable. If you are giving to people within a local church setting, insure that your giving includes you sitting down with them and going over their bank statements. If they don’t want your wisdom, why give them your money?
  • Good soil is young ministers. The young guys are the ones pouring their lives and hearts into the into the gospel, they have left good jobs and the promise of a great career to serve God. They don’t have the power of momentum and a big mailing list and so on, they don’t have a great large ministry and reputation. I love sowing into people like that.
  • Good soil is teaching financial abundance. I love to give to ministries that are teaching prosperity and helping people to find prosperity. Some of those ministries have been attacked by the church so much, to help so many with the Word.
  • Good soil is those who have been faithful and loyal to those God sent them to
  • Good soil is those who have given you correction and wisdom
  • Good soil is those who have given you help when you needed it

You need to be asking the Father where you should sow.  It’s not to the guy who cries the loudest, or who makes you feel the most guilty, or so on. It’s the good soil you need to sow into.

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