Lies That Stop the Harvest 09: A Failure to Ask

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Ask and it shall be given to you – Jesus (Matthew 7.7)

Jesus said ask and you will get it. Despite what your grandmother told you that “askers don’t git”, that’s not true according to the Lord and Creator of the Universe. You need to ask. And that doesn’t just mean asking God, but it includes that. Let’s look at some asking that you could do this week to increase the return on your giving.

  • Ask God for a specific amount of money in prayer. Don’t wish for it, don’t dream of it – but ask for it outloud. A specific amount.
  • Ask your boss for a pay rise
  • Ask your boss for more work and more training (both of which will lead to an increase in your value)
  • Ask someone for some financial advice
    • But ask the right person! Don’t ask someone who is broke. The amount of people who pastor less than 50 people who want to give me advice on pastoring is unreal, but I take my advice from the people who pastor hundreds and thousands. Hence, I get practical wisdom that is proven. It’s the same for money – ask for financial advice from people richer than you!
    • Ask at the right time – when the person has time and the ability to focus on you. Don’t hassle them when they are about to work, about to do something or are tired.
  • Ask someone in the shop for a lower price on what you are about to buy
  • Ask a financial planner for some help
  • Ask a major creditor to wipe out or reduce your loan

When Jesus said ask and receive, for you to fail to ask is like saying you don’t really believe Jesus. Perhaps this is one of the reasons you are failing to walk in your harvest.

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