Dealing With Worry 03: Take Control

Last week, we looked at the biggest reason for worry which is the fact that we often let things totally out of our control concern us and get into our thinking.

What is ironic is that the second biggest reason for worry is out failure to take control of what we should take control of.

God, life, your job, your family, your place in life, your ministry, has given you certain things that you are in charge of. When you are in charge, stop worrying about a problem, man up, face that problem and fix it.

  • As a dad, I don’t worry about my children being disrespectful because if they are, they will be disciplined.
  • I don’t worry about Tree of Life Church being an unloving place because I am the leader and I will lead it into love
  • I never worry about my weight. I’ve lost over 100lb because I finally realized I am in control of what I eat, when I exercise, and so on

It’s amazing to me how many people are worried about things they can change. 

This morning I woke up at 3am because I have to get a plane to Bulgaria, I am teaching at a conference.

Now there are two types of problems I may face on the way – things I am in control of, things I am not in control of.  Either way, I hope you realize I am not going to worry.

I actually woke up with a stabbing pain in my left eye and reduced vision.  That’s something I am in control of. I spoke life and health to my eye and now the pain is gone and my sight is back.  Rather than worry, I took charge, used my authority in Christ and changed things.

But what if I get there and the plane is not flying? What if a problem arises I cannot control? Well, I don’t worry then either, as I will mind my own business and walk with God and keep a clean conscience.

Life can be that easy.  You may disagree, you may feel you have to worry, but we will hit that next week!

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